EMS VII DoDS: Final Live on ESL TV
As you can see in the news we are not kiddding you guys. We are happy to announce that the EMS VII DoD:S Grand Final will be streamed live on ESL TV. We already tried it last season, but it has been canceled, because of some problems with the former co-moderator and the teams. So we tried it again this and here we are.
With this new step, we also have to change a rule: The date of the final match is on 15th December 2010 at 20:00 CET. The teams who enter the grand final are not allowed to play on another day, otherwise we can't stream it on ESL TV. They already have planed some other shows so that we can't fit into the schedule of another day.

In addition to these rule change we are happy that we have found a Co-Moderator, who will be our expert for DoD:S. The guy, who im talking about is Michael 'Xaim' Struppek. He plays for the top team pod virtual gaming, and also has EMS experience. Next to him the head moderator Matthias 'Mase' Meyer from the ESL TV company will manage the whole broadcast.


Predict the score and post it into the comments here, from everyone who is correct with his prediction we are going to randomly chose one and give away one month of free premium!


Please also know that the whole show will be in german, because of some organizational issues. But we think that this won't be the biggest problem for you guys. If you can't speak german, but french you can also watch the match on HiScore.TV, who streamed nearly each top match of the current Major Series.

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2-0 TLR ! :D
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1-0 TLR
2-1 eStar
2-1 eStar
TLR 2-0 eStar ! French > Noobs :D
See you on the shootcast HiScoreTv, Cnd at your service !
Gl & hf <3 dods
eStar [2:0] TLR

zagge will dominate everywhere. maps will be count by ticks =D

i wanna my Premium! =D
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estar 2:0 TLR
dods auf esltv <3
eStar 2:1 TLR
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eStar have already a map so ? they win de WB
2:1 so
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eStar [1:2] TLR
eStar [4:1] TLR
#11 :D u don´t get the system right?;)
eStar [1:2] TLR
eStar [2:1] TLR.

#12 ;D
eStar [1:3] TLR
eStar 2 - TLR 0
eStar 1 - TLR 2
estar 1-2 TLR

guess what the inactive dane #1 :D
Not everyone in TLR is french! ;)
Tlr 2/1 estar !
eStar 0-1 TLR
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vod ?
is anyone going to record that and uploading it ? would be nice
It will be uploaded on the ESL TV as VoD a day later.
eStar [2-0] TLR
2-1 to eStar
2-1 estar
3-1 estar
2-1 eStar
1-0 estar first map win
shiva wrote:
1-0 estar first map win

So will i receive my free premium?
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