Gentle! vs. aw3some.EMS
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Status: deleted
MatchID 20058998
Date Sunday, 07 November 21:00
Calculated Sunday, 07 November 21:00
thirdmap dod_catania_rc2
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1 Minor Penalty  for  Gentle!
    ( statement not 24 hours before the match posted )

1 Minor Penalty  for  aw3some.EMS
    ( statement not 24 hours before the match posted )

Result Media
dod_lennon :
dod_vallente_rc3 :
07/11/10 08:48
Pre-match statement
This is the last match of the groupstage and we meet a team we have played a few times those two last months.
We know that we can make something interesting versus aw3some but we have some problems to stay focused during a whole match. We say that again vs. them for the Autumn Cup game.

The maps can help us to make a good result. We can play quite correctly on Lennon if we keep quiet on Mumble (what's the biggest challenge in our team to be honnest). If we make a good allied half, then everything is possible. Vallente on the other hand is a "grenade-skill" map, so it's hard to say who will have an advantage.
I won't say anything about Catania, knowing how random we perform on it.

Anyway, both teams need to win to qualify so it will certainly be quite interesting to watch. We wish good luck to aw3some's players.
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comments (8)
Can you play on Wednesday 27 october ,21.00 CET ?
We're gonna have to use our wildcard, as nearly no one seems to be there on sunday finally! :( Could you play on tuesday?
small reminder how to use the wildcard: the team who takes it gets penalties depending on when you officially take it -> its only valid to take one if you already announce the agreed date where the match gets moved (last possible day: 7th november, after that we MUST forfeit).

see the global rules (point wildcard) for details
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i just heard the rumors that aw3 folded, i do not expect them to play today but i do not know for sure. anyone knows better whats the actual situation here?
I didn't even hear that. Sounds quite strange tbh!
I'm also going to ask people around.

18:26 - Gentle! corez pgm ? :D: ok
18:26 - Gentle! corez pgm ? :D: awesome is folded
18:26 - Gentle! corez pgm ? :D: asked b2k
18:26 - Gentle! corez pgm ? :D: def win for us
18:26 - Gentle! corez pgm ? :D: and we're in the next round

Here it is.
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right! GL in playoffs Gentle!
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