EMS VII CoD4: Grand Final *win premium*
After almost 4 months of playing EMS matches, we finally come to the grand final. Both teams already met each other some weeks ago at the first major CoD4 LAN in the year 2011: Gamersject Winter Challenge, so we will see an exciting grand final for sure. Also in this news we give you information about the live stream and a premium raffle.
As mentioned both best european teams met each other at Gamersject grand final. The team from PowerGaming managed to win that final in a close match with 2:1 over TCM-Gaming. Now we are looking forward if Power can beat the guys from sweden once again and gain the 1000€ prize money just for the first place! The loser of this match goes home with at least 600€. You can also watch this match for free live on CoDTV starting at 21:00 CET.

The Grand Final

Sunday 27th of February 21:00 CET on CoDTV

Missed the match? Watch the VoD on CoDTV.net!

Premiere WebTV de France sur Call of Duty

Sunday, 27/02/11 15:00
Status: closed

  TCM-Gaming (#1) [26:13]  TCM-Gaming COD4 (#2)

The Finalists - Review

Both teams went through the groupstage without bigger problems and reached the second place. PowerGaming lost versus the first of their group OX Enermax and played a draw against PunchLine. Other than that they won with ease against Team SPEEDLINK and RG-Esports. As 2nd of group C they had to play the first round of the playoffs. Now in best of three system they won against the finnish guys from Blight Gaming with 13:8 and 13:10 in favour for them. Also in the quarter-finals they only needed to play two maps with taking down MondialServers clearly 13:5 and 13:8 before they won in the half-finals over the third placed team of the EMS RAGE.eSports.

With a look on TCM-Gaming there several similarities. Starting in the EMS Season with a draw against Team Thermaltake and a (very close) loss in of the next matches against RAGE.eSports they showed their strength with beating The Last Resort, Antwerp Aces and SFTO eSports with easiness. As PowerGaming now in the playoffs they did not show any weakness with winning over Infused.Tt and OX Enermax in only two maps. Only the germans from Tt were again to be a problem for TCM winning Crossfire with 13:5 but without any chances on Backlot and Strike.

So all is served for a great final

In front of the final we did a quick interview with miRACLE which you can read here. If you are looking for some of the groupstage/playoffs matches you will find some of them as VoD on CoDTV.net.

Playoffs Ranking

Just write the result you expect right here in the news comments (it´s BO3). For example: 2:0 TCM, 2:1 TCM, 2:0 PWR, 2:1 PWR.

Then we pick out randomly one of the correct votes.

Premium Raffle
  • 3 Months Premium

  • Prize Money distribution

    Call of Duty 4

    3000 €

       1st 1000 €
       2nd 600 €
       3rd 400 €
           4th 200 €
       5th - 8th 100 €
       9th - 16th 50 €

    EMS VII Homepage

    EMS VII CoD4 Homepage

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    PWR 2:1 TCM

    TCM, need's qLimAxzU
    TCM 2:1
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    2:0 TCM
    2:1 TCM
    2:1 TCM
    TCM 2-1 PWR
    PWR 2-1 TCM
    2:1 TCM
    TCM 2:0
    TCM 2:0 PWR
    2:1 TCM
    TCM 2:1 PWR
    2:1 Pwr :D
    2:1 pwr
    GL to both teams, i hope for a great match, 2 - 1
    Should be a great match to watch, best of luck both teams!
    2:1 PWR
    2:1 TCM
    2:1 TCM
    2:0 TCM
    2:1 PWR
    2:1 TCM
    2:0 Power Gaming!
    2:0 power gaming
    2:1 PWR
    go TCM!
    2:1 for TCM
    2:1 PWR
    2:1 pwr
    pwr 2:0 TCM
    Last COD4 EMS this is sad :(

    but gl to all and have fun :D
    2:1 PWR
    pwr 2-1 TCM
    2 - 1 TCM

    gj foras :P
    2:1 TCM
    2-0 TCM
    2:1 PWR
    Stream down?
    PWR 2-0 TCM
    PWR 2 - 1 TCM
    PWR 0-2 TCM
    Who won premium ?
    There were only 4 correct votes.
    Congratulations to dMX.
    Wow! Thx!
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