discodance vs. The Knights of the Round Table
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 The Knights of the Round Table
Status: closed
MatchID 20417810
Date Monday, 03/01/11 14:00
Calculated 03/01/11 15:34
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Map_Elimination 0 : 1
Map_Elimination 0 : 1
The Knights of the Round Table wins !
22/12/10 07:24
end mout
177 kB, 22/12/10 07:24, by Bart ({KNIGHTS})
22/12/10 07:24
end ua
197 kB, 22/12/10 07:24, by Bart ({KNIGHTS})
22/12/10 07:24
158 kB, 22/12/10 07:24, by Bart ({KNIGHTS})

The Knights of the Round Table


21/12/10 16:53
ill be close ,

Nerd Herd
14/12/10 09:52
Grand Final
In the first place, the Grand Final will be a Best of Three. If Knights manages to win the first set BO3. A second set BO3 will be played the week after.

Map Elimination will be slightly different for the second set BO3.

First set BO3:
SF Sandstorm
Urban Assault
Mout Mckenna
Insurgent Camp

2nd BO3:
SF Sandstorm and Urban Assault are auto removed. Elimination goes between the 5 maps left.

Grand Final
Here we are in the Grand Final, meeting Discodance again. If we can find 2 casters there is a good possibility this match will be casted so sign up as a caster asap :)

Discodance has defeated us before in a really close match, which could've went either way. That's why I think this match will be really exciting and can go either way. Especially grza needs a few pills to stay calm when the match starts because we need to keep our focus up in this last match of EMS.
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comments (64)
Cast available ?
yea, check Ipla.tv
and then find "świat według kiepskich" or "fala zbrodni" also " pierwsza miłość" RLY GOOD
hey hey :)
hello boys again!
match server:

feel free to start ze elimnations boys!
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ems final without cast is just a final =(
Hey guys, just wondering, is it possible for you to play at any other date?
Match will be streamed if we find casters.
hello boys and my girl (grza) :D, ofc we can rechedule, me and bonus have inet problems , we would play this after sunday. i ill start ele tomorrow, and i ill gave some info tomorrow:)

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pick ua
pick mout
for ot ele pipe
ele dusk

OT map IC
Guys when we gna play this which days suits u best?
21,22 at 23 if u want reshedule
We confirm Tuesday 21th at 23,00 cet cya soon...
vizzion, cast is already available at Ipla.tv , but it's in polak i guess..
they have ragetv but they need casters
oeh i can cast
i'd do it but only with Billy. :P
We have to play earlier if we want it cast guys, its okay for us so we kinda wait for your answer.
It isnt ok for us . so cu 23
Ok, cya @ 23
give ip guys
no cast.
gg, thx for ownage , see cu on sec bo3
gg, cu on sec bo3! nice match!
slayeeeeer !
Bart wrote:
gg, cu on sec bo3! nice match!

u are kidding me ? :D kenna was close but ua? :D
hehe, kenna was cool, ua was a bit onesided, just like the other match, there ua was also onesided :P
btw, 2nd BO3 works like pick first than eliminate for ot I beleive.
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PuN wrote:
Bart wrote:
gg, cu on sec bo3! nice match!

u are kidding me ? :D kenna was close but ua? :D

Hehe nice games kurwe, well yea this time ua for u was like last time for us ;)
gg guys.
Mout McKenna: 7-4 in favour of Knights
Urban Assault: 5-0 in favour of Knights

I talked with head of EMS and he agreed on playing Monday 3 January, 20:00CET fits both teams?

I really would like to have this videocasted, so please don't make it so late again!

Urban Assault
Mout McKenna
SF Sandstorm
Insurgent Camp

Both teams pick one and eliminate one after!
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9 ill be good for us i think , new year :D:D
I would like to have had this videocasted too
finally stone kills something and noone noticed:D
well it's better than Stone killing no-one and everyone noticing :))
merry xmas huhu!
Maps need to be chosen by Wednesday 29 December.

Also, both teams send me 2 maps by pm which they want to eliminate. By this we will reduce the unfairness of waiting for the elimination of the other team. This has to be done in order you want to eliminate it first.

1. Tunnel
2. Pipeline

In case Team A picks Tunnel, Pipeline will be eliminated.

(This also before Wednesday)
Supose in this example team B picks pipe? Or what if both team eliminate the same map?
we pick SS
we pick CT
Knights eliminated ESLDusk
discodance eliminated Pipeline

OT map: IC
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If it's going to be casted we need to check if thats possible on our server since its only 8 slots (but kaizzi was able to login as admin earlier)
guess no cast..
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