JustPlay EMS S5 Winners vs. MaxFloPlaY
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 JustPlay EMS S5 Winners
Status: closed
MatchID 20417800
Date Sunday, 21 November 20:00
Calculated Wednesday, 24 November 11:56
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Mout Mckenna 7 : 4
Urban Assault 4 : 7
Insurgent Camp 7 : 10
MaxFloPlaY wins !

JustPlay EMS S5 Winners


2nd Match
Tomorrow we face MaxFloPlaY a Polish team. Last week we've already beaten a Polish team namely CEFO but this week will be a lot harder. Unfortunately Noobia has had an accident and can't play tomorrow, because he has broken his arm. So we will do our best to win for Noobia.

Noobia this one is for you!

Playoffs 2nd week
We have already met most of the SKK players in battle and we are pretty sure that our next EMS match will be really hard, although we also know what to expect from our opponents and we will try not to let them take control of the upcoming game. Have fun and a lot of jams. See you on the battlefield.
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