Playday 5 - B1
Begin Saturday, 29/05/10 17:00
Track: W!nter Electrotech Papagaio Alimero TaMaGo
# Laps Main ESL Cupmode 100,3
# Laps Sprint 5 rounds/challenge
Match Media
29/05/10 14:41
Round 1* 
125 kB, upped by Mandioka
29/05/10 14:45
1.4 MB, upped by Mandioka
* No longer available

Main Race

(*): Dropped score

28/05/10 10:10
Match 5
What to say... last time i opened the game was 14 days ago.. i'm totally off in these period an i will be 4 a long time... hope i can be here tomorrow at 17.00, i just keep playing to complete these groupstage :(
21/05/10 20:26
Playday 5
3 matches left in the GS, lets see how it goes..
gl hf guys
29/05/10 08:24
pre-match statement (playday 5)
I think this is the hardest playday for me yet.. I expect nothing but 4th place. gl hf guys ;)
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ffs can't play today again... I'm off now and I'll be back only in 2 hours or so.. we can play today 19-20 cet or tomorrow if you guys agree with that.. :[
server: 4
pass: div1
spec (if you can't join as player at first): relaytv
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