Playday 4 - B1
Begin Friday, 21/05/10 20:00
Track: W!nter Electrotech Papagaio Alimero TaMaGo
# Laps Main ESL Cupmode 100,3
# Laps Sprint 5 rounds/challenge
Match Media
21/05/10 15:30
Round 1* 
457 kB, upped by g00x
* No longer available

Main Race

(*): Dropped score

20/05/10 08:05
Match 4
Pretty funny how last time i lost even driving my best performance :( this is getting tough!!! last time i touched maps was during last match :| hf guys =)
15/05/10 19:59
match 4
4th match and again vs LegenD xD

will be funny and gl and hf ^^
20/05/10 12:00
pre-match statement (playday 4)
Well, the season is pretty much over for me. I really performed terribly and there's no chance I can win now against these machines :P So, what's left for me is to have fun ^^ and I'm hoping to do so.. gl hf ;)
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pre-match statement (playday 4)
Funny :D
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