prediction Gaming e.V. vs. Dragon Alliance
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 prediction Gaming e.V.
 Dragon Alliance
Status: closed
MatchID 18745985
Date Sunday, 20 June 18:00
Calculated Sunday, 20 June 19:12
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1on1:  outer reaches, green tooth gorge
<unknown> 0 : 2 <unknown>
1on1:  calderis rafinery, green tooth gorge
<unknown> 0 : 2 <unknown>
1on1:  siwal frontier, green tooth gorge
<unknown> 0 : 2 <unknown>
2on2:  Golgotha Depths, Calderis Refinery
<unknown> 0 : 0 <unknown>
2on2:  Ruins of Argus, Calderis Refinery
<unknown> 0 : 0 <unknown>
Dragon Alliance wins !
p` 0 : 3 DA

Dragon Alliance

prediction Gaming e.V.

Dragon Alliance
20/06/10 11:37
Hard fight ahead !
Ahoy there! As we advance towards the final, the challenges increase! Today we face perdition, a team that has greatly improved since we last met some of its members in the previous EMS. The winner will end up in the final, where we truly belong, but there are bloodthirsty germans in our way!
I am sure this will be a most epic fight:D
Prematch Report
So close and yet so far

Last season I wrote in most of my reports about the underdog situation and we ended up 4th place. This time we are in the winner bracket final and today its the first i can feel this meaningfull word again.

Now we are the underdog and DA is on the way to win the EMS again and again.

We are here to stop them.

The overall situation is not the best and we cant fight at full strengh but we will give our best and if we lose we fight hard to get here again in the overall final.

No excuses. We are here to give our best shot.

gl hf to all participants

Nem 0 - 2 stellvia
Teron_G (replacement for kio) 0 - 2 Norni
el_alcazar 0 - 2 AlwaysLame


gg @ DA
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