prediction Gaming e.V. vs. DD
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 prediction Gaming e.V.
Status: closed
MatchID 18745964
Date Sunday, 30 May 18:00
Calculated Sunday, 30 May 20:15
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1on1:  outer reaches, calderis rafinery
<unknown> 2 : 0 <unknown>
1on1:  calderis rafinery, siwal frontier
<unknown> 2 : 0 <unknown>
1on1:  siwal frontier, green tooth gorge
<unknown> 2 : 0 <unknown>
2on2:  green tooth jungle, Calderis Refinery
<unknown> 0 : 0 <unknown>
2on2:  green tooth gorge, Calderis Refinery
<unknown> 0 : 0 <unknown>
prediction Gaming e.V. wins !
p` 3 : 0 DD
30/05/10 08:17
Prematch Report
Well I can’t do any better than Prediction Gaming on their Pre-match Report but for DD this is a great achieve for making to the EMS Play Offs. The road to getting here was tough because of some members from my team left to join Starcraft 2. With the members I had left in the team, they have been giving it there all and even some playing 1v1 and 2v2 match which means a great deal to me because it shows I can trust the members to be there and ready to play.

During the Group Stages was a nightmare with TT not being able to play which is understandable but some members from USSRx where a pain. My team and I enjoyed the match against Clan Coyote because we worked out the matches and communicated very well even when I couldn’t connect to one of the players.

That’s all is in the past and we are looking forward to play against Prediction Gaming and having some fun games. So from team Destiny Dealers Good luck and Have fun.
This is my first Match Statement so please forgive me that it is short. :)
Prematch Report
what can I say about this match?

the obvious problem everyone can see is the way how our both teams qualified for the playoffs. In both groupstages teams left in the middle or at the beginning of the EMS. One might say that prediction and DD shouldnt get in the playoffs without a real fight but if you take a closer look things change.

In my opinion both teams have qualified fair and square. DD lost to the favourite of their group but after that they won their match 4-1 what makes them the obvious 2nd placed team in their group and the leaving team of TT was 90% inactive so I guess they could have managed a win in this too. (nothing against TT but is there someone left playing this game? )

In our groupstage only one match was completed and mainly Im sorry for FoG that it ended this way and they got 2nd place without a real fight. All the teams started to play in our group but myr and unity stopped to finish their games against us so they got kicked. There were 3 submatches left and we needed to win all 3 to get 11 points (the same amount FoG managed to get but with direct comparison we would be first place) and 1st place. All the matches left would be the easier ones so it might end up this way in both cases but we would be more confident if we had won these matches.

but its all water under the bridge now and we have to concentrate on the next oponnent. I know we are the favourite in this war and we will fight till the last match to stay in the winner bracket. Hopefully we can manage this without playing all the 5 submatches but we are prepared to do so, we wont underestimate DD because we know first hand, that the way a team qualified means nothing about their qualities.

At the end there is nothing to say but good luck and have fun and lets show some good games.

Tankrr 2 : 0 itox tomzr
Gurke 2 : 0 altair
el_alcazar 2 : 0 nerfi

overall 3:0 for prediction
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