Global Domination Time vs. Nici o Treaba
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 Global Domination Time
 Nici o Treaba
Status: closed
MatchID 18361033
Date Saturday, 15/05/10 14:00
Calculated 15/05/10 18:07
map DotA Allstars v6.59d
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1 : 0
Global Domination Time wins !
Points +3 : 0
15/05/10 18:06
Round 2 - GDT - Taku*
857 kB, 15/05/10 18:06, by Taku (GDT)
* No longer available

Nici o Treaba

comments (20)
def date 18 cet can u play
Def date (Sunday May 09) is good but can we do 19:00 CET instead?
ok .. 19:00 ... but no delays ... cuz some of our players have to go to work at 20:00 CET
if u have access to a host-bot it would be nice ... so we could resolve some of the lag isues
We have access to a host bot though it gets moved around a fair bit by the team who owns it so we will find it an hour or so before our match tomorrow and post here what room to meet in.
so where are u ?
sorry been trying to find a host bot for a while now... the one we usually use is no where to be found trying borrow someone elses
we need to play the game now ... cuz some team mates have to go to work
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so come esl dota tournament room with or without bot
well whats your solution? we need to play on a host bot... were not going to play on euro host are you guys going to play on american host?
i see that u found bot ... so say the room
Wednesday 18:30 CET ok for u ? ... tomorrow we have games and tuesday we are unavailable
Saturday 20:00 cet agreed. Sorry for the problems here with bot.

next week meet in idec room. to play.
ok ... we play next saturday 20:00 cet ... we didn't find a working bot
gdt its ok if we play at 22:00 cet on saturday ?
Could you do 23:15 instead? That would be the best.
y ... idec room no ? ... if u bring that hostbot too it's the best :D
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sweet! yes meet idec room and we've already talked to bot owners bot will be up and ready for the match.
gg wp
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