FREE .fr vs. Easy Company on Tour
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 10.  14.

 FREE .fr
 Easy Company on Tour
Status: closed
MatchID 18350696
Date Friday, 07 May 21:00
Calculated Saturday, 08 May 01:50
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Result Media
Tunnel 9 : 3
Mout McKenna 8 : 4
FREE .fr wins !
Points +3 : 0
Friday, 07 May 22:26
F1 Mout*
136 kB, Friday, 07 May 22:26, by giKoN (.=]EASY[=.)
Friday, 07 May 22:27
F1 Tunnel*
146 kB, Friday, 07 May 22:27, by giKoN (.=]EASY[=.)
Friday, 07 May 22:27
146 kB, Friday, 07 May 22:27, by giKoN (.=]EASY[=.)
Friday, 07 May 22:28
pb _plist ct*
853 kB, Friday, 07 May 22:28, by Co1Okkkk (FREE)
Friday, 07 May 22:28
pb_plist mout*
923 kB, Friday, 07 May 22:28, by Co1Okkkk (FREE)
Saturday, 08 May 14:26
Demo - - Apollo*
10.3 MB, Saturday, 08 May 14:26, by 3759025 (.=]EASY[=.)
Saturday, 08 May 12:28
Demo - .=]EASY[=. - Alucard*
10.4 MB, Saturday, 08 May 12:28, by 3256175 (.=]EASY[=.)
Saturday, 08 May 01:01
Demo/shaka 2maps*
9.6 MB, Saturday, 08 May 01:01, by Kawadji (FREE)
Saturday, 08 May 01:09
Demos | giKoN*
10.8 MB, Saturday, 08 May 01:09, by giKoN (.=]EASY[=.)
Friday, 07 May 22:13
698 kB, Friday, 07 May 22:13, by bAsH (.=]EASY[=.)
Friday, 07 May 22:13
698 kB, Friday, 07 May 22:13, by bAsH (.=]EASY[=.)
Friday, 07 May 22:12
748 kB, Friday, 07 May 22:12, by giKoN (.=]EASY[=.)
Friday, 07 May 22:12
1.8 MB, Friday, 07 May 22:12, by Co1Okkkk (FREE)
Friday, 07 May 22:13
986 kB, Friday, 07 May 22:13, by Kawadji (FREE)
Friday, 07 May 22:12
1.6 MB, Friday, 07 May 22:12, by rital (FREE)
Friday, 07 May 22:18
Equality - - Apollo*
1.3 MB, Friday, 07 May 22:18, by 3759025 (.=]EASY[=.)
Friday, 07 May 22:17
Equality - .=]EASY[=. - Alucard*
988 kB, Friday, 07 May 22:17, by 3256175 (.=]EASY[=.)
Friday, 07 May 22:17
Equality - Kid*
1.8 MB, Friday, 07 May 22:17, by KDI (FREE)
Saturday, 08 May 01:28
Round 1*
10.3 MB, Saturday, 08 May 01:28, by bAsH (.=]EASY[=.)
Sunday, 09 May 17:06
5.1 MB, Sunday, 09 May 17:06, by rital (FREE)
Sunday, 09 May 17:06
5.3 MB, Sunday, 09 May 17:06, by rital (FREE)
Saturday, 08 May 00:27
4.4 MB, Saturday, 08 May 00:27, by KDI (FREE)
Saturday, 08 May 00:42
4.9 MB, Saturday, 08 May 00:42, by KDI (FREE)
Saturday, 08 May 15:28
Colo demo ct*
12.4 MB, Saturday, 08 May 15:28, by Co1Okkkk (FREE)
Saturday, 08 May 15:28
Colo demo mout*
12.3 MB, Saturday, 08 May 15:28, by Co1Okkkk (FREE)
* No longer available

Easy Company on Tour

FREE .fr

 Name Ratio Summe Diff
     + + - -   
 1.  Kawadji  FREE 2.70 27 10 +17
 2.  KDI  FREE 1.82 20 11 +9
 3.  rital   1.75 14 8 +6
 4.  Co1Okkkk  FREE 0.93 13 14 -1
 5.  3256175   0.65 11 17 -6
 6.  bAsH   0.60 12 20 -8
 7.  3759025   0.50 10 20 -10
 8.  giKoN   0.47 9 19 -10
Easy Company on Tour
26/04/10 08:28
1st EMS Match vs VISIONIX
The EMS Season starts with the match against VISIONIX, a strong french team with a load of talented players. We expect a hard fight and a clear loss regarding the value of preparation of both teams...

GL&HF , big up for a fair match!
FREE .fr
26/04/10 13:38
EMS VI # Groupstage 1
EMS VI here we go...

First of all, we are happy to see that a 6th season of AAO EMS will be played ! Indeed, lots of old players were back for the nationcup event, and now, EMS keep them active as possible !

For this first match in this season, we are facing to EASY Team, a nice team against who we played when AAO was more active ! At this time, we know how good they are and we'll give our best to win this 3 first important points !

Moreover, two maps were added into the maplist : SF Sandstorm and ESLDusk. It would be nice to how teams will use them and if they will try to play on them ! However, I think that first matches in EMS VI will be played on old maps, because I don't think so that teams got the time to do strategic on these maps... But maybe some teams did it, and why not us :D !

I wish best luck to both teams, and hope for a good fight between, I think, two currently good teams on AAO !
Good luck and have guys !
comments (70)
Hi again frenchies
is it with elimination again?
* Map decided by mapelimination
* Maplist enlarged by ESLDusk and SF Sandstorm
Hey dude, I don't really know if we have to eliminate maps and how many ! I think we have to choose both one map, but i'm not sure ! We will wait more informations by admins !
Rules are here and its said

* Map decided by mapelimination
ok u start with elimination
Ok, we eliminate Insurgent Camp
-Mout McKenna
-Insurgent Camp
-SF Sandstorm
-Urban Assault

You have to eliminate map now !
Rules says:
"Team has to eliminate first map until monday 20.00 CET"
1 edits
we eliminate Sandstorm
-Mout McKenna
-Insurgent Camp
-SF Sandstorm
-Urban Assault
We eliminate Urban Assault
-Mout McKenna
-Insurgent Camp
-SF Sandstorm
-Urban Assault

We eliminate Pipeline
-Insurgent Camp
-SF Sandstorm
-Urban Assault


-Mout McKenna
We pick Tunnel !
we pick Mout McKenna
Ok, we will play Collapsed Tunnel & Mout McKenna !
About the server, we get a neutral german server, here the IP :
You can test it when you want !
i guess it will be ok since most of us are german anyway ^^
lets play tunnel first plz
player style doesnt leave the server and they want us to dispute after the match. regarding the fact that as i said noone informed us in the matter of him beeing allowed to play HE IS NOT ALLOWED. The match is going to be disputed, and there is no bypassing this barr.
kaizi say that style is allowed to play because he don't have a ban for cheating ! thanks !

CT 9-3 for vISIONIX
Mout 6-6
i asked limited, he didnt tell me nothing! furthermore there wasnt any information to us THAT HAVE TO BE DONE! even if u would agree with an admin in private, ther was no admin statement so he wasnt allowed to play! u tried to trick us the whole match, thats why we werent able to start at 8 but started around 8.35, the whole match was just fucked up by u, there was no point in playing it serious for us...

admin will make a decision

marten crashed the last round, he will upload his demorec of tunnel (because of F1 SS - as far as visionix hasnt taken another ss)
what the hell is goin on here..? styles is barred obviously not allowed to play in my opinion this is a serious tournament and if somebody is barred he shouldnt be allowed to play. about vISIONIX... they allways try to bypass something and always flame and change rules by themselfs. admins should make the only logic decision forfaitwin to EASY. regards sandzix
Sand'z let's check ruleS ! AND you can't post usless comment here thanks !

Cya fdp
sandz go >>> www.Facebook.gogole and don't cry here.
1 edits
date pls : )
TEAM EASY, you HAVE TO propose 3 days and we'll pick one of them
See you !
1 edits
05.05 => 21:00
06.05 => 20.30
07.05 => 20.00
1 edits
We give an answer tonight
dont cry visionChe****hust*... its right what he says

Thank you for admin ...your decision is crap and u know that!!! all know that! but you do nothing
1 edits
why you got a rematch ... best they could do ...
and rital useless comments x) .. you should grow up
same as your whole team only mature guy is Kid ..
all others are just not mature especially you
he forgot to use equality... i mean... why would u rematch this? its not like they were not doing it on purpose... now we got the disadvantage... cause our players wont be here... thats just bs...
We choose Thursday 6th May at 20.30 CET !
Which server will we use to play it ?
lol no EQ`? he should get pp's for it tbh...
but ye thats fucked up for you...
sANDZ, please, don't be a kid then... it's not your match, make your own business please !

We received 1 major PP for that !

We'll play on our neutral server for both teams :
open !

See you tomorrow, goold luck & have fun !
due to new circumstances we would have to postpone the match one more time, either we start at 10.15 or we have to find a new date...
Gikon, You give us 3 date, we choosed one, so you have to be at 20.30 on the server ! We don't have to find a new date.

see you the 06.05 at 20.30

Best regards,
i didnt know that one of our members is going to be in the healthcare facility at that time... remember, u fucked this whole shit up... if u would have played like it was supposed to be we would be fine...
Admin told you to propose 3 dates !

You did and we chose one of them. You would have to check if your players are free these days !

We chose one of these dates, and we can't play at 22.15 CEST !
Moreover, we can't also play friday or saturday, and we get an EMS match this sunday !

You have to find four players for tomorrow dude, and don't forget, we asked for a wildcard, since I got some troubles with my connection !

You didn't play fair at all, we won't !
u don't have to ask for wildcard, u just take it...
thats what we gonna do
You told us we had to play the match last sunday !

OMG, you are pro lamers & very unfair players... Sad to see this kind of team in EMS ...
lol look whos talking kid.First you guys were just wasting our time,then you were dissing us and talking some crap.If we would made screenshots of all the things your EMS team would be prolly locked cus all of the swearing and lying you did so ye do not talk about that we are unfair team dude.And second one of your players faked EQ and lying about server choosing and map....
Maybe you can play this evening, at 22.30 cet ? Let us know faster
Finally, we'll play tomorrow, as I said on protest ! See you on our server !
let's play tomorrow at 20.30 see you !
In the protest it was 07.05 at 20.30, not at 21 o'clock so let's play at 20h30 . we start by ct ? ok ;P
match is @ 9
in protest that is at 20.30 so you have 15 mins to join ! 20.45 the match begin
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