WCIP: MeetYourMakers Disqualified
Today MeetYourMakers received their 9th penalty point and therefore has exceeded the maximum amount of penalty points allowed in Groupstage. Read more for details
According to rule XII. c. "A clan that collects 9 Penalty Points at any point during a running season will be disqualified from the ongoing ESL WCIP Premiership season and may not play again in the next seasons qualifier."

Forfeiting a clan war and multiple match errors has lead to the departure of Expertise from WCIP. More details about their penalty points can be found on MYM's profile ESL profile. They will not be allowed to join next seasons qualifiers, and all their matches and points will be erased. All wildcards used in their matches will be returned.

On a special note MYM was the defending champions of WCIP Season III and IV, so it is sad they have to depart this way. They are looking towards the future and the Head of Operations DennisN had to say the following:

DennisN is Head of Operations for Ex-MYM.WC3 and had to say the following:
Today is a sad day for the current titleholder of the WCIP. MeetYourMakers has to leave the actual season due to some major changes regarding our Warcraft 3 team. We are sorry for that and MYM wants to thank the whole admin crew and especially Danny for all what they have done so far. We wish you the best for the future – may your dream live forever. Last but not least shootouts for all the fans that supported us in the past – As one door closes, another one opens. MYM FIGHTING!



D4nny, Sunday, 28/03/10 18:28
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You know I'm first here
well I already said on fragster that this must really be a joke not that MYM is leaving the WCIP but the way that have leaded them to the point in addition with this statement must really be some kind a bad joke

P.S.: GZ
lol i seriously can't do anything but laugh right now because we just lost 9 points
Its a shame for such an organisation...they new MYM has NOTHING in common with the old one :/
word to vendetta!
well han, u just lost 9 points cuase u arent the only team which got 5-0 defwin? :D
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