Geh aB Clan e.V. vs. Searching Organization
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 Geh aB Clan e.V.
 Searching Organization
Status: closed
MatchID 17440129
Date Sunday, 28/03/10 12:00
Calculated 28/03/10 13:23
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1on1:  Twisted Meadows, Echo Isles<tba>
Kas 2 : 0 Forket
1on1:  Ancient Isle, Secret Valley<tba>
Rosenkill 2 : 0 Thoughtseize
1on1:  Plunder Isle 2.0, Turtle Rock, Twisted Meadows
Satiini 1 : 2 moonfans_
1on1:  Turtle Rock, Twisted Meadows<tba>
ThomasG 2 : 0 RewinD
2on2:  Centaur Grove, Twisted Meadows<tba>
Rosenkill, ThomasG 2 : 0 Thoughtseize, RewinD
Geh aB Clan e.V. wins !
GaB 4 : 1 ur welcome
Points +4 : +1
28/03/10 12:33
Kas vs. Forket Game1*
63 kB, 28/03/10 12:33, by Kas (GaB)
28/03/10 12:34
Kas vs. Forket Game2*
79 kB, 28/03/10 12:34, by Kas (GaB)
28/03/10 13:10
Rosenkill vs. Thoughtseize Game1*
120 kB, 28/03/10 13:10, by 2010965 (GaB)
28/03/10 13:11
Rosenkill vs. Thoughtseize Game2*
159 kB, 28/03/10 13:11, by 2010965 (GaB)
28/03/10 12:08
Rosenkill/ThomasG vs. Thoughtseize/RewinD Game1*
141 kB, 28/03/10 12:08, by c4P (GaB)
28/03/10 12:27
Rosenkill/ThomasG vs. Thoughtseize/RewinD Game2*
199 kB, 28/03/10 12:27, by c4P (GaB)
28/03/10 13:10
Satiini vs. moonfans_ Game2*
110 kB, 28/03/10 13:10, by c4P (GaB)
28/03/10 13:19
Satiini vs. moonfans_ Game3*
38 kB, 28/03/10 13:19, by 2010965 (GaB)
27/03/10 09:22
ThomasG vs. RewinD Game1*
65 kB, 27/03/10 09:22, by 2010965 (GaB)
27/03/10 09:33
ThomasG vs. RewinD Game2*
95 kB, 27/03/10 09:33, by 2010965 (GaB)
* No longer available

Geh aB Clan e.V.

Searching Organization

Geh aB Clan e.V.
25/03/10 20:36
Guess a quote: &amp;quot;Panda goes doown, panda goes down - and its gg, its G-G.&amp;quot;
I miss the days where EndarS and D4nny shoutcasted almost every WCIP match. Even though you had to stay home from work to experience it, you did it!
We are pretty sad to see that nG already announced their prospected lineup for our match. In the statement it was revealed, that they would use their talents against us.
I want to make it clear, that we are NOT trying to copy nG, but we are also going to use our great talents. Ladies and Gentlemen! Gers and Rus! I am happy to announce, that MIDNA is going to play!!

Information about Midna:
Best level: 24
Race: Night elf
Favourite unit: Faerie Dragon
Favourite hero: Pit lord (I'm fat, I'm gay, I'm always in the way, Rholle red.)
Favourite map: Plunder Isle

I suggest Moonfans and Kenshin to study Midna before our match, because she has a few aces hidden in her sleeves!

Please join Midna's fanclub on facebook, twitter and myspace.
GL nG!!
Statement - nG Virtual Gaming
On Sunday we face GaB. They are on the 2nd Place at the moment and have much good Players like Kas or TG. But Kas is SC2 Zadrot so i dont think that he is in a good shape atm in WC3. We are on the 7. Place and can't reach the Playoffs so the last Match is not much Important for us. So we want to give our new Talented Players the Chance to play in such professional league like the WCIP is.

last but not least:
midna soset u vseh chlenu i krichit davai eshe

ur nG Porno Elite.
comments (15)
Sunday, 18 CET?
We allow Satinii.
Sunday were kinda packed full with wars, Saturday would fit us better i guess
Ignore that newb c4p!!!

Confirm Sunday 18CET. Forket allowed
:D thx
gl hf
we would like to prepone TR to Saturday 14:15 CET
midna soset u vseh chlenu i krichit davai eshe
ownage xDD
~_~ ... ha ... ha ... ha ...
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Serups is back!
preponed match : Thomasg vs rewind @ TR
ThomasG 2:0 RewinD - TR, TM
Forket starplayer?:D
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