aRirang vs. Teamedit..
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Status: closed
MatchID 17440087
Date Sunday, 07 March 14:00
Calculated Sunday, 07 March 19:32
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1on1:  Turtle Rock, Twisted Meadows<tba>
Destroyu 2 : 0 Thief
1on1:  Amazonia, Ancient Isle, Turtle Rock
kimkihyun 1 : 2 ReiGn
1on1:  Echo Isles, Secret Valley, Twisted Meadows
storm2blue 1 : 2 S.o.K.o.L
1on1:  Secret Valley, Echo Isles<tba>
Chobo 0 : 2 eXeslY
2on2:  Avalanche, Turtle Rock, Twisted Meadows
kimkihyun, Destroyu 2 : 1 Dolorian, ReiGn
Teamedit.. wins !
aRi 2 : 3 .
Points +2 : +3
Sunday, 07 March 17:49
2n2 game 1*
56 kB, Sunday, 07 March 17:49, by ReiGn (.)
Sunday, 07 March 17:48
2n2 game 2*
222 kB, Sunday, 07 March 17:48, by ReiGn (.)
Sunday, 07 March 16:48
Chobo vs. eXeslY Game1*
76 kB, Sunday, 07 March 16:48, by D4nny
Sunday, 07 March 17:20
Chobo vs. eXeslY Game2*
146 kB, Sunday, 07 March 17:20, by D4nny
Sunday, 07 March 14:01
Destroyu vs. Thief Game1*
141 kB, Sunday, 07 March 14:01, by 1138321 (.)
Sunday, 07 March 14:38
Destroyu vs. Thief Game2*
224 kB, Sunday, 07 March 14:38, by 1138321 (.)
Sunday, 07 March 18:12
Round 2 - n! - S.o.K.o.L*
87 kB, Sunday, 07 March 18:12, by S.o.K.o.L (.)
Sunday, 07 March 19:07
kimkihyun vs. ReiGn Game1*
147 kB, Sunday, 07 March 19:07, by ReiGn (.)
Sunday, 07 March 18:57
kimkihyun vs. ReiGn Game2*
137 kB, Sunday, 07 March 18:57, by D4nny
Sunday, 07 March 19:07
kimkihyun vs. ReiGn Game3*
52 kB, Sunday, 07 March 19:07, by D4nny
Sunday, 07 March 19:32
kimkihyun/Destroyu vs. Dolorian/ReiGn Game3*
231 kB, Sunday, 07 March 19:32, by D4nny
Sunday, 07 March 17:32
storm2blue vs. S.o.K.o.L Game1*
140 kB, Sunday, 07 March 17:32, by D4nny
Sunday, 07 March 17:53
storm2blue vs. S.o.K.o.L Game2*
1 kB, Sunday, 07 March 17:53, by D4nny
Sunday, 07 March 18:07
storm2blue vs. S.o.K.o.L Game3*
122 kB, Sunday, 07 March 18:07, by D4nny
* No longer available
07/03/10 06:03

The season hast just begun and its already the third playday. The last matches we've played were very unlucky for us. For instance we missed the semi finals in the german Bundesliga and we lost 1-4 against raptor gaming. But as always, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.
Sokol and Thief did very well at the WCG offline qualifier by becoming 1st and 2nd. So we habe some motivation again.
Let's see what we can do today...
06/03/10 11:51
W4 is to go
Here is playday 4 and we go against the German team n!. They're very good with players like sokol and reign. We also have play-off games with poff at 1530 cet, so this war will be very hard to do and also to organize, but we can do it :) GL N!
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hey n! can we play this on sunday 14cet or so? i'm not positive on what time we can but this is just a mere suggestion so we can get an idea when we can play :)
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sunday is ok 4 us
but 15:00 cet would be better cuz we have a offline event on saturday and im not shure that everyone is home again @ 14:00 cet
what about mon/tue/wed? 14cet and could u allow barred?
well 14:00 only on weekends
cuz we have school and work to do
well sunday 14:00 is ok but i cant promis that all players are there @ 14:00 we can start @ 14:00 cet and play what can be played
some guys will arive lil bit later

and yes we allow barred players
ok then let's say tuesday for now and what time can all of your players arrive by? but we do have to start the match on 14
HaN, he was talking about sunday 14 cet not about tuesday 14 cet ;-)

If you just missread, it should be allright. If not, just continue schedulding ;-)

gl both
yeah tuesday 14:00 cet is not posible 4 us
wednesday or monday 14?

we'll go ahead and play whatever we can slowly. by the end all of your players should be there, am i right? :)
sunday 14:00 cet
we confirm gl
wcip room 3

and we can start with SV @ 13:30 cet

chobo ---> Believe

n! allowed us to switch
ah nvm
we take def win now @SV
4 times they tryed to replace and no one is here of the players
lol chobo is here?
more like we'll take def win @ sv if exesly doesn't show up?
more like we'll take def win @ sv if exesly doesn't show up?
we need a admin for 2x2 game 1 and 3.....
worst clanwar ever !!!
organisation = 0
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