EMS V TF2: TCM-Gaming wins!
The ESL Major Series Season V is over! After many tense and good matches we finally have a winner: TCM-Gaming. Congrats!

ESL Major Series Season IV: Ranking

- €300 -

- €500 -

- €200 -
Blight Gaming

Grand Final

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It was a very exciting match. Both teams fought on a godlike level, but as always one team has to be the winner and one the loser (at least for that match). After two grand finals TCM-Gaming won the ESL Major Series Season V 3:2. All maps were very close and both teams had the opportunity to win the match.

Thanks for that exciting and good ESL Major Series. Hope to see you next season again!

// Your Staff
Zippi, Wednesday, 24/02/10 18:42
ESL Major Series Season V
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