we are ... vs. fnaticMSI
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 we are ...
Status: closed
MatchID 16932584
Date Tuesday, 16/02/10 14:00
Calculated 16/02/10 16:01
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de_dust2 9 : 16
de_nuke 2 : 16
fnaticMSI wins !


we are ...

we are ...
08/02/10 08:26
Prematch Statement
Tonight is a special night, it’s not only the final match of the EMS Season V, it’s also the final match for us with this Line-up. To keep this in a good treasure we wanna achieve the victory over Pink Zinic, what will be very difficult, because they are a strong team. Hope for an exciting game and may the force be with us xD
01/02/10 15:10
Woah, we made it pretty far and put a lot of effort so far in this Major Series season. Coming so far, you get of course even more hungry for the victory then you are already and we really went to take the victory in this match - it shall be exciting!

Have fun and good luck!
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GO Zinic)
Go IpSa !
gl hf

btw which maps/hltv ?
4 Julie and iReNe go Pink Zinic =)
Map choosing rules

BO3 is to be played.

1. we are, Vetoes a map they don't want to be played
2. Zinic, Vetoes a map they don't want to be played.
3.we are chooses the first map.
4. Zinic chooses the second map.

5. The map not vetoed nor chosen, will be the 3rd map if needed.

7. Who starts as CT/T is chosen by kniferound on all maps.
8. The match is finished when one team has won two maps.

9. Veto & choosing will happen in Match Comment here on ESL!

hf all
HLTV: hltv4.verygames.net:27084
ESL TV (German only): http://tv.esl.eu/de/
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Hey girls, can u start with the veto please? danke
Why is the ESL TV broadcast in german? :x

GL to both teams!
ok we veto de_inferno
veto tuscan!

do u have any server hosted in netherlands btw?
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we choose d2

we will look for a nl server
choose nuke

ok thx !
have u find any server?
no sry not yet
Stop playing! We have game in 10minutes ;)
What time do we start?:] the game
Julie klärt :)
wollt ihr mein server usen epsv2+ .de server ?
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we are the one
we are the children
gg girls
gg and gratz :)
gg girls!
finally this shit is over :D
nice game! gg
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