Just Girls #Europe vs. we are ...
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 Just Girls #Europe
 we are ...
Status: closed
MatchID 16932582
Date Sunday, 31/01/10 14:00
Calculated 31/01/10 17:24
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de_nuke 17 : 21
de_tuscan 13 : 16
we are ... wins !

Just Girls #Europe

we are ...

we are ...
28/01/10 10:39
Prematch Statement
Tonight we are going to meet the girls from 69ers on the server. The last time we've played against them was in the DFM Final, what turned out alright for us. There was no time for practice for this match but we are trying to play as well as we did the last times against them.
Have fun and good luck everyone.
Just Girls #Europe
25/01/10 00:43
Prematch Statement
Soon in the cinema, today on the matchserver: clash of the titans! The two best female-teams of Germany have to fight against each other to reach the finals of EMS V. In the last matches against "we are ..." we didn`t really have a chance, but now we have another lineup and will be prepared! Both teams will show a great performance tonight, so please enjoy the match!
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beyoNd :)
go we are ... ! the best :d
Map choosing rules

BO3 is to be played.

1. we are ..., Vetoes a map they don't want to be played
2. Frankfurt 69ers, Vetoes a map they don't want to be played.
3. we are ... chooses the first map.
4. Frankfurt 69ers chooses the second map.

5. The map not vetoed nor chosen, will be the 3rd map if needed.

7. Who starts as CT/T is chosen by kniferound on all maps.
8. The match is finished when one team has won two maps.

9. Veto & choosing will happen in Match Comment here on ESL!

HLTV: hltv4.verygames.net:27085
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we choose tuscan
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we choose de_nuke
69ers easy.

had:E ciaO pw ems

bitte mal testen ob das ok für euch ist :)
jo schaun wa ma, sonst 2te map bei uns :)
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