FREE .fr vs. shift six
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 FREE .fr
 shift six
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MatchID 15950516
Date Sunday, 22 November 20:00
Calculated Monday, 23 November 22:34
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1 Minor Penalty  for  shift six
    ( Wildcard §3.1.1 )

Result Media
Urban Assault 9 : 3
Mout McKenna 12 : 0
FREE .fr wins !
Points +3 : 0
Monday, 23 November 21:49
End Mout Mckenna*
124 kB, Monday, 23 November 21:49, by KDI (FREE)
Monday, 23 November 21:49
End Urban Assault*
153 kB, Monday, 23 November 21:49, by KDI (FREE)
Monday, 23 November 21:48
169 kB, Monday, 23 November 21:48, by KDI (FREE)
Monday, 23 November 21:48
- - iNk*
890 kB, Monday, 23 November 21:48, by 4145850 (FREE)
Monday, 23 November 21:44
462 kB, Monday, 23 November 21:44, by Kawadji (FREE)
Monday, 23 November 21:44
719 kB, Monday, 23 November 21:44, by rital (FREE)
Monday, 23 November 22:38
Round 1*
679 kB, Monday, 23 November 22:38, by 3026266 (s6.)
Monday, 23 November 21:46
1.4 MB, Monday, 23 November 21:46, by KDI (FREE)
* No longer available

FREE .fr

FREE .fr
21/11/09 07:30
EMS # Week 3
For this last match in group, we will play against shif players, who have lost all theirs matches at the moment. But we will give our best, to win three more points in order to reach the EMS playoffs !

Good luck & don't forget to have fun !
comments (26)
Hello guys :)
Hello !
We get a .de server, but if you have one, we can play on it ! Just tell us where it is located.
We will play at the default time, that is to say sunday 20.00.
Eliminate a map when you want, see you !
we eliminate IC
Dudes, we are on EMS ! Come on to play !
We're going to take a wildcard guys , since nobody is here.
Sorry for that.
So, when do u want to play ? Tomorrow last chance, but if u get 4 players this evening, let me know !
Please fix a new date asap!
26/11/09 at 20 o'clock
Hum, if they don't fix a date, will we win by forfeit 1-0 ?
They didn't change the line up, and didn't post the statement... Only one player was connected to post this comment', so admin, could you tell us what are we going to do ?!
No forfeits are given in groupstage. It's up to shift six to give 3 new dates and Ace has to pick one of them.
Karma I need the date tonight ty
we can play tonight if you want
we eliminate pipe
We pick up Urban Assault !
We pick Mout!
open, we coming in a few minutes, when kawadji will be back
We are coming asap ;]
i think he is sleeping i try to contact him...
lets play join server we rebooting
ok, we are joining.
you gave another ip first..
and ive got some problems with my equality. Wont start Let's play on this server !
9-3 ua for ace
12-0 mout for ace
Hey, their teamleader has left the roster. Then, they can't put the score, and can't choose a map in the match details... We won 9-3 on urban Assault ( our map choice ) and we won too on Mout Mckenna 12-0 ( Their map choice ).

Thanks admin,
Bests regards, Kid !
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