discodance vs. Team Lollipop
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 9.  13.

 Team Lollipop
Status: closed
MatchID 15950499
Date Sunday, 15/11/09 14:00
Calculated 18/11/09 19:07
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Result Media
Mout McKenna 7 : 3
Pipeline 6 : 4
discodance wins !
Points +3 : 0
18/11/09 16:00
135 kB, 18/11/09 16:00, by Ramzes (discodance)
18/11/09 16:02
126 kB, 18/11/09 16:02, by Ramzes (discodance)
18/11/09 16:01
132 kB, 18/11/09 16:01, by Ramzes (discodance)
18/11/09 15:58
743 kB, 18/11/09 15:58, by Ramzes (discodance)
18/11/09 16:03
904 kB, 18/11/09 16:03, by 1776469 (discodance)
18/11/09 15:58
2.6 MB, 18/11/09 15:58, by jNk (lollipop.)
18/11/09 15:58
986 kB, 18/11/09 15:58, by 3900348 (lollipop.)
18/11/09 15:58
1.3 MB, 18/11/09 15:58, by Hntr (lollipop.)
18/11/09 16:04
Equality - - PuN*
503 kB, 18/11/09 16:04, by 1564914 (discodance)
18/11/09 16:00
Equality - zero711. - giKoN*
697 kB, 18/11/09 16:00, by giKoN (lollipop.)
18/11/09 16:05
973 kB, 18/11/09 16:05, by 2031232 (discodance)
* No longer available

Team Lollipop


Team Lollipop
13/11/09 20:34

playing against tempus moriendi means to play vs one of the best americas army teams around. the polish eps team is the clear favourite in this match but that means that theres a chance for the underdog to surprise.
with loads of hope and best wishes were going to face tempus moriendi.

GL & HF to our polish mates and big up for a fair match.
12/11/09 05:01
Pre raport
Most probably we wont be able to put the first team up for the upcoming game. In fact, we haven't got a chance to start any preparations for next season. We still believe that we can win the match, and wish our opponents hips of fun.
comments (27)
probably we will use wildcard is wednesday afther 9 ok for you ?
we have one week to play that match so we accept a match reschedule... so u wont need a wildcard.. anyway it would be fine if we could talk about another date and the time on msn (cause its hard for us to get 4 some times aswell)
what happen here? if u wanna play this match next week you need a wildcard!
yop was away sending now. about dates tus, thurs, wed afther 9 check which is best 4 u guys
dont we have one week to play the match dirk?

would be best if we could start 15-30 minutes earlier then 9 if thats possible, but thursday sounds nice (we will have to talk about that first anyway)
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Penalty point for Wildcard?
my fault for late one

Yes, check in rules ;/
czesc mam sie dobrze a co u Was?
wed => 20.30 if possible ;)

gl & hf
ur first with eliminating afaik
better for us would be 20.45 and can we do elimination on server ?
i dont care but we have to write it down here then...
lets start as early as possible pls.. i think 8.45 will be alright tho (we have to have finished til 10 cause one of us has to go and we dont have that many dudes here :P )
do you have a server?


im not sure if its still on... location : germany
Mout McKenna (3 mins)
Pipeline (4 mins)
Collpased Tunnel(3 mins)
Insurgent Camp (3 mins)
Urban Assault (3 mins)
ok our server is able to be used...
Mout McKenna (3 mins)
Pipeline (4 mins)
Collpased Tunnel(3 mins)
Insurgent Camp (3 mins)
Urban Assault (3 mins)
tell me about the server asap pls
Ye yours we can support only pl but like i said we can start 8.45 still in 3 but not in 2 ;P
... -.-

what map shall i put the server on?
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we pick pipeline...

we will tell u if the server is ready! dont join before (1on1 is beeing played on it)
ok join up
ggs gl
gg :)
kret will upload eq tomorrow had to leave afther fast
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