TCM-Gaming vs. Team Dignitas
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 Team Dignitas
Status: closed
MatchID 14141716
Date Thursday, 13/08/09 15:15
Calculated 17/08/09 12:24
thirdmap cp_well
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bad, gran, well 2 : 1
bad, gran 2 : 0
TCM-Gaming wins !
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comments (12)
GL $ HF" that will be great match
we pick badl
Granary for us
Mappool for elimination (decider map) is:
cp_well, cp_gravelpit, ctf_turbine
Team Vale (former known as YoYoTech) removes first
Vale! SKiNNie: we kick out gravel
dignitas/Mick: we kick out turbine !
dignitas/Mick: so its well
dignitas/Mick: :p
Vale! SKiNNie: yup
It's double elimination,
and Team Dignitas was unbeaten so far,
therefore the victory of Vale! leads to a (last) grand final.
Details will be announced as soon as possible.
demos ?!
the teams picked the same maps (granary and badlands)
therefore the mappool for elimination is the same:
cp_well, cp_gravelpit, ctf_turbine
but Team Dignitas removes first this time
thx for the demos :-)
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