ESL Major Series Season IV *now with FIFA 1on1*
While players and teams from all over Europe are still battling each other in the third season of the ESL Major Series we proud to be able to announce the next season! Over 150 teams and 1,000 players took part in eleven tournaments of the last ESL Major Series. We want to expand this popular event even more! See inside to find out about ESL Major Series Season IV.
The fourth season of the ESL Major Series will host 14 games building on the success of the previous third seasons. The qualification for season IV will start in March, the ESL Major Series IV will start in April and features a prize money total of €18.000!

Team disciplines

    Counter-Strike: Source (5on5): €3.000
    Call of Duty 4 (5on5): €3.000
    Counter-Strike Female (5on5): €1.500
    DotA (5on5): €1.500
    Dawn of War 2 (Clanwar): €1.000
    FIFA 09 (5on5): €1.750
    Team Fortress 2 (6on6): €1.500
    America's Army (4on4): €500
    Day of Defeat: Source (6on6): €500
    Enemy's Territory (6on6): €500

1on1 disciplines

    Quake 3: €750
    StarCraft: Brood War: €750
    FIFA 09: €750
    PES 2009: €500
    Trackmania: €500
Details for how to qualify for Season IV in all games will come in the next couple of weeks!

ESL Major Series is sponsored by gamed!de, which offers highly scalable and reliable managed hosting solutions. Redundant connection with highest speed and minimal packet loss is guaranteed.
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ESL Major Series
ESL Major Series IV Prize Money Distribution
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America's Army ? lol
§§§§§§§§§§ gj
Americas Army works well atm!
wOOt, AAO in! AAO is one of the upcoming games and this will improve it even more!
Will be amazing for players and spectators!
AA wil grow even more when the new version comes out
lol Fiz0r go play DoD [email protected]
great news for dod community!

grab this chance guys
america's army for the win :D
good for AA:D
Yes cash price , AA for the life
AA EU scene is chasing PL very fast :D
AAO will grow more and more and this ist just the first step!
good to see that ESL is supporting the up and coming game! AAO! GOOD JOB!
nice to see AA in!
Finaly, esl gived AA some importance... And this game really deserv it.. GG admins
glad to see this
Nice guys great to see AA in the list
Why no 1on1 in FIFA? :
YAY for AA!
go go go DODS
Really nice to see aa being picked up, awesome move.
Great to see AA in the list :)
nice list, especially aa:P
n1 for AA :)
nice to see AA finally :). hooah
good to see AA is eventually there

it has been deserved it for sure and also looking forward to successful future
We hope to see AA3 in the Intel Extreme Masters next season :D
AA :]
Americas Army wehhhehhe!
AA 4 life
Good to see AA here ;)
Excellent to see AA on that list, we've kinda waited for it :D
AA ftw lol :) gg
Great !! AA rox
nice to have dods there!
Great! Good for aa
About time AA got in, probably the best game out there.
Very n1ce!
AA > *
jipppiiiiiiie ^^

aao :)
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No barbys playground? :( damn...
<3 AA
AA really deserved it :)
lol cs 1.6 ?
nice AA
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