aMenti vs. myRevenge e.V.
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 2.  10.

 myRevenge e.V.
Status: closed
MatchID 13716157
Date Thursday, 04 June 20:00
Calculated Sunday, 07 June 15:36
thirdmap Free Choice
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Adlernest 2 : 0
Bremen 2 : 0
aMenti wins !
Points +3 : 0

31/05/09 08:18
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comments (5)
Hi Guys
We can play on this date? 04.05.2009 21.00cc

best regards, myR|kekZ
I think it could get quiet complicated with this date due

Do u think u are able to play 2 matches in this short amount of time?

Best regards
try to contact via mirc please, sadly not a lot of people are watching these matchcoments
We using WILD CARD.
Best next date are 04.06.2009. 21.00cc
ButtonBashers please agree this date.

Best regards
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thx 4 the match
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