in memory of p DoW II vs. USSR DoW Team
Contestants Parameters
 8.  16.

 in memory of p DoW II
 USSR DoW Team
Status: closed
MatchID 13703725
Date Sunday, 10/05/09 14:00
Calculated 10/05/09 15:47
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Result Media
1on1:  siwal frontier, <tba><tba>
Buery 2 : 0 Grabli
1on1:  green tooth jungle, <tba><tba>
Crame 2 : 0 Striker
1on1:  green tooth jungle, <tba><tba>
Umpire 0 : 2 Aniketos
1on1:  green tooth gorge, <tba><tba>
iTcouLdbeWorsE 2 : 0 ScayT
2on2:  , <tba><tba>
Buery, iTcouLdbeWorsE : Aniketos, ScayT
in memory of p DoW II wins !
p\' 3 : 1 USSRx
Points +3 : 0
10/05/09 14:38
Crame vs. Striker Game1
770 kB, 10/05/09 14:38, by 1920581 (p\')
10/05/09 14:39
Crame vs. Striker Game2
756 kB, 10/05/09 14:39, by 1920581 (p\')
10/05/09 15:10
Umpire vs. Aniketos Game2
186 kB, 10/05/09 15:10, by 3638175 (USSRx)
10/05/09 14:38
iTcouLdbeWorsE vs. ScayT Game1
642 kB, 10/05/09 14:38, by 480671 (p\')
10/05/09 14:38
iTcouLdbeWorsE vs. ScayT Game2
636 kB, 10/05/09 14:38, by 480671 (p\')
10/05/09 14:41
Crame vs Striker Reps
185 kB, 10/05/09 14:41, by 1920581 (p\')
10/05/09 15:12
Umpire vs Aniketos both rounds
191 kB, 10/05/09 15:12, by 3638175 (USSRx)
10/05/09 14:39
icbw vs scayT reps
171 kB, 10/05/09 14:39, by 480671 (p\')
comments (31)
go p'
I dont play Dow2 as it was made for smrt Americans.
So we have to talk english here :)
non english comments deleted.

@ system Overload, if you don't think you're gonna play this, please tell us so we can give your slot to another team.

We're not going to play, remove us pls.
gratz to USSR on stealing a spot
omfg USSR haxed sO's spot!


bug ESL?

I can still decide USSR line-up, so whats up guys?
Who wanna play? :D
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:) Hi p', hf in sunday

@darkiz - its not bug
yay blipblob !
seeing as sO aren't playing, I gave the slot to the 2nd place spot in the Last chance cup
I'm working on hijaking teron's foto atm
@ p'
can i use barred player?

his barrage ends in sunday 22.40 or smth like this
under no form of agreement may players barred due to PP levels play. This is explicitly stated, AZ...
sorry, didnt watch this rul for a long
Argus Desert Gate is the 3on3 firstmap.

LinaiL, ESL Admin
go prediction !
Buery, my acc in winlive "grabli". Im waiting.
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We with buery have no connect :( NAT error...
grabli @ 3rd 3on3er for USSR
Is Aniketos using a diffrent account then his usual Aniketos00, if so plz add me with ur other acc. "Umpire1"
icbw vs scay 2:0
crame vs striker 2:0
Ump vs Aniketos
0 - 2
GG guys congrats with your win good luck in upcoming matches. To bad our team wasn't organized enough :(
crame vs striker 2:0

Ump vs Aniketos 0:2

icbw vs scay 2:0

buery vs grabli 2:0 (through defwin)

--> 3:1 for p'
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gratz guys
Hey, could the Prediction Gaming team captain give a brief statement on this match please? It's for the round result summary i'm doing up for bogger and gamereplays. Thanks.
sure, but today im VERY busy.. i will write the statement tomorrow
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