Bruderschaft der Verdammnis vs. Anonymous Amateurs
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 Bruderschaft der Verdammnis
 Anonymous Amateurs
Status: closed
MatchID 10740230
Date Thursday, 09/10/08 15:00
Calculated 10/10/08 12:17
thirdmap Isle of Jade
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3 Minor Penalty  for  Anonymous Amateurs
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Result Media
Team Homemap 0 : 1
Team Homemap 1 : 0
Isle of Jade 0 : 1
Anonymous Amateurs wins !
Points 0 : +3
09/10/08 16:39
Round 1*
750 kB, 09/10/08 16:39, by Nat (AA)
09/10/08 16:41
Round 2_1*
579 kB, 09/10/08 16:41, by Nat (AA)
09/10/08 16:42
Round 3*
651 kB, 09/10/08 16:42, by Nat (AA)
09/10/08 16:41
632 kB, 09/10/08 16:41, by Nat (AA)
* No longer available

Anonymous Amateurs

Bruderschaft der Verdammnis


09/10/08 09:05
EMS Playday 6
Welcome to the sixth playday of the ESL Major Series Season III - Guild Wars.

1 - Team Homemap
2 - Team Homemap
3 - Isle of Jade

All Information can be found here.
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match will be played one hour later (21:00 CEST)
we agreed to postpone the match
our map: frozen isle
We won 1st game. As the 2nd game started BdV got dc on flagger at ~8min, i believe, we agreed to replay the game, which we lost. Screens named Round2_* shows this. As the 3rd game started we played for some time and as they started to get pressure, they told that they got another dc. This time me and my teamates didn't allowed rematch.
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If you have watched the match you would have noticed that our runner had hardly done anything, but gg and thx for the first replay.
Sry for dc's, but you have to understand that anyone can win if you can just replay match unlimited number of times. Thats why we decided to allow only one rematch. GG anyway.
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