Team Dignitas vs. SK Gaming
Contestants Parameters
 12.  8.

 Team Dignitas
 SK Gaming
Status: closed
MatchID 11043824
Date Sunday, 26 October 19:00
Calculated Sunday, 26 October 20:14
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Result Media
MaDDe 0 : 4 mario
Juajke 2 : 2 styla
Rolando10 0 : 4 hero
Aghaton 2 : 2 eNnu
RuBiNaLDo 0 : 4 Kr0ne
SK Gaming wins !
dignitas 4 : 16 SK
Points 0 : +3
SK Gaming
24/10/08 18:13
Prematch Statement
Once again we did manage to get out of a match with a sweet smile on our face as we did nearly beat neXt in our match. We actually had enough chances to take a win home, but didn't put enough effort into the game to win it. However, expecting nothing and getting 1 point is quite a good way to proceed.

The match against Dignitas is going to decide which place we actually gonna get. Even though, a draw here should be already enough to get through to the second groupstage, we don't pay to much attention on this competition as stated in previous statements. So time will tell us more!

We wish the boys from Dignitas a lot of fun and are awaiting a fair match!

SK Gaming Fighting and Winning!

Channel: #SK-Dignitas
Lineup: Not known yet
Team Dignitas
26/10/08 13:54
After two hard matches in our group we are on position three where still everything is possible.
Today we will face SK-Gaming in our last group match.

SK already has enough points to join the next round, but as known SK wants to win this competition 100% so we will see a big fight today.

For us its the FIFA 08 5on5 match of the matches. Every player will automatically play 150% and thats why we can expect an exciting matchup.

Might the better team win!
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