neXtPlease Gaming vs. SK Gaming
Contestants Parameters
 16.  4.

 neXtPlease Gaming
 SK Gaming
Status: closed
MatchID 11043821
Date Sunday, 19 October 20:00
Calculated Monday, 20 October 22:43
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Result Media
PuPuc1 0 : 4 mario
Bigdaddy 2 : 2 eNnu
AleX 1 : 3 styla
BeBe 4 : 0 TornAdo
macs 3 : 1 Era
neXt 10 : 10 SK
Points +1 : +1
SK Gaming
18/10/08 13:54
Prematch Statement
It has been a tight match at the first play day as the European Football Stars are quite a hard opponent to play against. However, going into a match with no expectations as we said in our statement, it is even more sweet to come out on top of a match and taking 3 points home.

What counted for the first groupstage match, counts for the second as well. We are participating in the ESL Major Series just to show respect to the concept and idea, while not having any ambitions for the competition at all.

Our next opponent has got a few known players in its roster, so it's written in the stars who is going to win here. As there are no fair conditions possible within the EMS you can't value the outcome of the match anyway. This fact makes the match more or less an unimportant friendly match.

We wish our opponent a lot of fun, good weather and are awaiting a fair match.

SK Gaming Fighting and Winning.

Channel: #SK-NEXT
Lineup: Not known yet!
neXtPlease Gaming
18/10/08 13:41
Unsportsmanlike behavior from SK-Gaming, as not expected from such an experienced team.

Their statement shows no respect for the competition and for the teams involved in EMS, opposed to what they are saying, that they play "just to show respect to the concept and idea". EMS does not need such teams, SK does not do anyone a favor participating in this manner.

This was supposed to be a top professional competition, but SK-Gaming does not behave in this spirit.

We are sorry for our opponents (that try to find excuses), and suggest them neXt time not to participate in EMS, if they have no ambition or honor to defend.
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