European Football Stars vs. SK Gaming
Contestants Parameters
 8.  16.

 European Football Stars
 SK Gaming
Status: closed
MatchID 11043820
Date Wednesday, 15 October 20:00
Calculated Wednesday, 15 October 21:15
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Result Media
AlexSKiF 1 : 3 mario
AlexSKiF 1 : 3 hero
AlexSKiF 0 : 4 styla
AlexSKiF 4 : 0 Kr0ne
AlexSKiF 3 : 1 eNnu
SK Gaming wins !
EFS 9 : 11 SK
Points 0 : +3
SK Gaming
15/10/08 10:10
Prematch Statement
Due to the fact that we were able to win the German ESL Pro Series finals earlier on June this year, we also made it up to the groupstage of the third ESL Major Series.

Sadly to say, The ESL Major Series is not of high not even of low importance for us, since in our eyes there is nothing done to prevent legal cheating within the EMS, since anyone in the EMS is able to manipulate it's connection in his own discretion, even though there are tools which work very well and totally suits our needs to make fair play possible, which is fundemantal for a professional league. Those tools are getting used in the German ESL Pro Series and established there for a long time now.

The only one reason why we are participating in the ESL Major Series is just to show respect to the idea and concept - We absolutely haven't got any ambitions for the EMS.

However, since we decided to participate in the EMS, we gonna try to enjoy our international friendly :)

We wish the European Football Star kickers a lot of fun and the best of luck for their progression in the tournament.

SK Gaming Fighting and Winning!
We are very happy that we have this chance to participate in main round of EMS. First match we have to play against one of the strong and highest team with known and skilled players. Of course SK-Gaming is always favourite and they have more chance to win, but we wish only for win and we think it will be a really hard match.
Good luck both teams, #EFS-SK.
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