unFinished vs. les etoiles
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 les etoiles
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MatchID 10937294
Date Thursday, 16/10/08 15:30
Calculated 16/10/08 17:34
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1 Minor Penalty  for  unFinished
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Result Media
21 : 9
unFinished wins !
Points +3 : 0
16/10/08 16:58
H2k.uF CT*
68 kB, 16/10/08 16:58, by Ninnzan (uF)
16/10/08 16:58
H2k.uF T*
60 kB, 16/10/08 16:58, by Ninnzan (uF)
16/10/08 16:54
a stn3*
136 kB, 16/10/08 16:54, by sTani (ღ)
16/10/08 16:53
1.0 MB, 16/10/08 16:53, by Miranda (uF)
16/10/08 16:54
1.3 MB, 16/10/08 16:54, by Ninnzan (uF)
16/10/08 16:55
Round 1*
11.5 MB, 16/10/08 16:55, by eRIKa (uF)
16/10/08 16:54
Round 1*
1.3 MB, 16/10/08 16:54, by passi0n (uF)
16/10/08 16:54
a stn*
6 kB, 16/10/08 16:54, by sTani (ღ)
16/10/08 16:54
a stn2*
177 kB, 16/10/08 16:54, by sTani (ღ)
16/10/08 16:54
1.9 MB, 16/10/08 16:54, by m3lly (ღ)
16/10/08 17:02
1.5 MB, 16/10/08 17:02, by LoOna (ღ)
16/10/08 18:26
1.3 MB, 16/10/08 18:26, by Lisa_R (ღ)
16/10/08 16:57
1.1 MB, 16/10/08 16:57, by ping (uF)
16/10/08 16:54
1.7 MB, 16/10/08 16:54, by very (ღ)
* No longer available
les etoiles










 Name Ratio Summe Diff
     + + - -   
 1.  Miranda   2.35 40 17 +23
 2.  eRIKa   1.73 26 15 +11
 3.  passi0n   1.73 26 15 +11
 4.  ping   1.33 24 18 +6
 5.  Lisa_R   1.17 27 23 +4
 6.  Ninnzan   1.16 22 19 +3
 7.  m3lly   0.70 16 23 -7
 8.  LoOna   0.67 18 27 -9
 9.  sTani   0.44 12 27 -15
 10.  very   0.43 12 28 -16

25/10/08 16:08
  • Livebot:#
  • Coinflip:H2k.uF removes the first map
  • Matchadmins:

  • EMS Season III - CS Female 1st Groupstage

    H2k.uF (#1) vs. DkH Multigaming e.V. (#5)
  • [ Prematch Statements ]
  • This is our third match for this season and now we are facing the leader team in our group. We havent played against theese ladies before so we are very curious to see what they are made of. We are going to do our best to take home 3 more points for H2k.uF and i wish both my team and team DkH GL HF!
  • Dear Ladies and gents,
    I would like to welcome you to our first possibly exhausting match
    in this running EMS Goupstage.
    After the first win, earlier this week in the DFM against "Maedchenblut", we will push our selfes to our outer limits and try everything to put the green "+3" on our side of the matchsheet.
    Its not a secret that we are pushed into the "underdog"part in this encounter, but maybe we can crow a bit with some of "Verena 'vere' U."s special moves!

    We all are curious about the result!
    Stay tuned
    yours mellzzz1
  • [ Match Score ]
  • de_nuke
    Map: de_nuke
    H2k.uF9:6DkH Multigaming e.V.

    H2k.uF12:3DkH Multigaming e.V.

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comments (48)
pinggg <3
Hello Ladies,

Shall we meet up Monday 13/10 20:00 as it says?
Do you know any date yet? :)
"About the coin flip, H2k.uF starts to eliminate the first map."

We remove de_train
yes we sure do my sistah! ;D
Can you please remove a map?!
we'll choose the map proximately befor the match
well, thank you.

When do you want to choose map? On server 21.20 or before @ irc/here ?
we are going to choose the map at 21:15 o'clock here in the matchcomments
Okey, shall we decide server before map maybe?
vere`s special moves ahahahhahahahah :D

gl both
server!? :))))
gogogo UF :D
Ok, ping this one:
A server from the Netherlands.
70 ping......

ping this pls ! Female by Linemax.de
We will not play on a german server when you are from germany :) Or else u might wanna ping a swedish server? ^^, <---- swedish
Now you maybe get why we cant game on a german when you cant game on the server i just gave you.

a country who is in the between would be great. Netherland/Poland/Denmark? Start looking you too. I have'nt seen a person from Germany with 70 ping on our netherland server, that was new.
3 edits
A reminder to find in the protest:
"I will ask the ladies about 21.30 becuase me and another girl is going up reeeally early, so IF it's going to be as late as 21.30, we all need to be on server 21.30 and 3rs go if you understand how i mean :) "

Thank you for your kindness, can we decide server now???? Female by Linemax.de
pw: ems

we will knife on this server
the team who win the knife round chooses ct or t and the first half will be played on their server
the second half of the match will be played on the server of the other team.

thank you
Goooood morning Vietnaaaaaaaaaaaaaam

Aha, new rule? :)
1 edits
we vote tuscan, thx
i just wanna shoot some headshots now :D wiiieieieiiee
no, set by an admin.. can we go on please?
The admin I talk with doesnt say so.
i just wanna se for myself that u girls have 70 ping on our server, i have a hard time to belive that.. =D
we will knife on this server
the team who win the knife round chooses ct or t and the first half will be played on their server
the second half of the match will be played on the server of the other team.

thank you

LOL since when we got that rule!?!? :D
NOT ALL !!!!!!!
just 1, soooo chill up and dont chat such a shit ;)
we are ready lets go, on ur server to knife and if we win we play first half on our serv? and the other way around?
Password to your server doesnt work, so its not that easy to join your server.
1 edits
dust2 removed
we remove de_inferno

soooo de_nuke will be played
ip pw?
fixing ESL settings at our server, ip coming soon
gg uf! :D:D:D:D <3 ninnieee
Nice try ladies, guess what.. now im off to get drunk! CELEBRATE WOHOOOO
<3 Gina :D We did it 4 u :)
Good work my biatches! But ofc, I never doubt ! Miranda, take one drink for every kill and you will never get up tomorrow!! ;) <3<3<3
Demo demand

Miranda 0:1:442952 de_nuke CT & T
ooh coming right up =D u might learn some moves me ladies :D
How cute
u were hot miranda! :D nicejobb
thank u Gina honey =D
nice job miranda:D =>winners make losers , losers make excuses. Nice Try DKH FEMALE:)... But Miranda was just too good for you i guess.
aaw Sjlot <3!!
Lass-Miranda Dennsiewillja?

1 edits
miranda Woooo hooooo you rock lady :)
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