EMS X TMNF & CAP 9: Schedules
While the Qualifications for the next EMS are running at the moment, we want to announce the schedules for the next EMS, but also CAP season now. This news includes the default dates and the map distribution for all group stage matches. We will give you all information about Playoffs and Relegations during the season is being played!

As we already announced it some weeks ago, the new EMS season will be played by 8 teams, which is also the amount of teams in all CAP divisions. Therefore both EMS and CAP got almost the same schedule for the next season! All default dates are set to Sundays, only the times are a bit different.

All times are given in CEST.

CAP Schedule and map distribution

1: 13th May 20.00
2: 20th May 20.00
3: 27th May 20.00
4: 3rd June 20.00
5: 10th June 20.00
6: 17th June 18.00
7: 24th June 18.00
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EMS Schedule: The EMS Schedule and map distribution are exactly the same. The only difference will be that two EMS matches will be set to 20.00 and the other two matches to 21.00 at Playdays 1-5, and at Playdays 6-7 two matches will be set to 18.00, and the other two to 19.00!

Attention on Playdays 6&7: We decided to move the default time a bit due to the UEFA Football Euro Cup. The CAP matches are set to 18.00, and therefore the EMS matches to 18.00 / 19.00.

Other important dates & information

Release of Mappack 1: Thursday, 3rd May !!!

  • You need to have your lineup fixed until 6th May. Then we will lock all teams. Remember you can only have a maximum of 10 players (+ 1 manager if needed) in your team. After this deadline you have 1 player adding/change possibility

  • There will be several obligations for your team and every player in your team. You have to have them fixed until 10th May.

    For your team:
    having a suitable team name
    having a suitable team logo
    using a team account that's not active in any other ESL league
    having no inactive/honorary members
    having maximum 10 players (+ 1 manager if needed) in your lineup

    For all players:
    having a premium account
    having his/her gameaccount entered
    having his/her full name entered
    having a suitable photo of himself/herself uploaded
    having his/her country set
    having his/her nationality set
    having his/her birth date set

  • CAP 9:
  • You need to have your lineup fixed until 10th May. We will try to publish the divisions 1 week before this date, so you have enough time. Remember that the maximum amount of players in your team is accorded to the league that you play in:
    CAP 2nd League: 13
    CAP 3rd League: 16
    CAP 4th League: 21
    CAP 5th League: 23
    (the 1st League is the EMS)

  • We please you to take a careful look at your team profile. The most important thing is that all your players have their Trackmania Nations Forever Gameaccount entered in their profile.
    Click on "Members" on the Team-page to find an overview of your team's Gameaccounts. To add a new Gameaccount just click on "add" on your profile => Gameaccounts:

  • Important Links

    CAP 9 Rulebook

    EMS X Homepage

    EMS X Trackmania Homepage

    Follow ESL_Trackmania on Twitter

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    4809667, Wednesday, 25/04/12 07:42
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    mais go!
    gl hf all!
    hf !
    tbh id prefer if the CAP and EMS matches were on different days or atleast CAP matches at 19:00, EMS at 21:00 default since a match usually takes more than 1 hour. this would then guarantee more viewers for the streams/relays.

    but anyway, gl hf :) looks to be a great season nevertheless.
    HEEEY dear TM Cap organization i wanna sign up with the very short players.. but it shows me one problem with the game account now :( and i dont know how to solve it in the next 30 mins :/
    Is it possible, that we get registered into the cup and solve the problem in the next days?
    i share the opinion from frostbeule, most of the potential viewers are drivers from the over 60 CAP-teams so there should be at least a 2 hour difference between EMS- and CAP-matches.
    a good option is CAP 19.00, EMS 2 matches 20.00 and 2 matches 21.00.

    anyway, gl hf to all :)
    Agree :)
    Need a delay between CAP and EMS matches
    hf gogo!
    so when and how will you know what tracks got chosen?
    Hi, we can modify our team players until 9 of May 23:59 ou 10 of May 23:59?
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