Tera-Gaming e.V. vs. LowLandLions
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 Tera-Gaming e.V.
Status: closed
MatchID 26391463
Date Thursday, 05/07/12 14:30
Calculated 10/07/12 16:14
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BO3 VETO 4 : 13
BO3 VETO 2 : 13
LowLandLions wins !
10/07/12 16:08
Round 1
334 kB, 10/07/12 16:08, by sEnzaj (LLL.)
10/07/12 16:08
Round 1
395 kB, 10/07/12 16:08, by sEnzaj (LLL.)


Tera-Gaming e.V.

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comments (11)
can we play on another day

cuz i want to see Euro 2012 finals tbh :D
we are not interested in watching germany vs portugal
its too easy
We also want to watch the Final. Germany will be the new European Champion :D

We will find another date to play.
just open a protest if u cant play and we will find another day
So according to pazazu they arent able to play today before 21/21:30 and we wont be 5 at that time anymore. We (Tera) cant play fri, sa, sun. So we can play Monday or Tuesday (Monday 20:00) Tuesday 20 or 21 CET. I will be gone afterwards till the following week (16.03.. ) so we have to play monday or tuesday (we need 3 germans cause of some weird esl rule ingame) so we cant rly play without me :-/
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we will play next week (tuesday 21CET would be gd for us)
alright cu on tuesday then :)
gg wp gl in ur next matches
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