1on1 Spring League 2012
Finally: Winter is over, spring is here. It is not quite warm enough outside for summer activities like swimming or beach volleyball. Instead you should wear your swimwear while playing in an awesome tournament like our 1on1 Spring League 2012.


First of all we present you the schedule of 1on1 Spring League 2012:

When? What? Done?
20.03. Announcement News
27.03. Signup Cup
29.03. Group Stage News
01.04. Group Stage
07.05. Playoff Cup News
13.05. Playoff Cup
12.07. Winner News


1on1 Spring League 2012 consists of a group stage and a double elimination playoffcup. There is no player limit for the group stage, so everyone that signs up will get a place. You can sign up here until Tuesday, 27.03.2012 22:00 CEST. The top 2 players of each group will get a spot in the playoff cup. Depending on the amount of signups there will be either 4 or 8 groups in the groupstage.

Premium Prizes

The top three players of the playoff cup will get the following prizes:

Rank Prize
3 months
2 months
1 month


Depending on the amount of actually participating players the playoff cup winner will receive the following award:

Good luck and have fun!

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Signup Cup
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