1on1 Beta Opening Cup
Since the beta is now more widely accessible, the time has come for a respective ESL cup, that we are going to host on this Sunday. You do not participate in the beta yet? Don't worry, we explain how you can get access.

Beta Facts

To cut a long story short here the most important facts about the Beta:

Dawn of War II: Retribution Beta Facts
  • 31/01/11 - 24/02/11
  • Six multiplayer races - including the new Imperial Guard faction
  • News units
  • New multiplayer maps
  • Steamworks (complete with new matchmaking and networking features)


In order to get access to the beta you just have to follow the steps described on the official Dawn of War II page.

1on1 Beta Opening Cup Details

Here the details for the cup:

1on1 Beta Opening Cup
  • Gameaccount: entered SteamID DoW II: R (An easy way to get your SteamID is to use this page - just enter your ID without the "STEAM_" then.)
  • Rules: rules have been read & accepted
  • Cup Mode: Single Elimination
  • Playerslots: 32
  • Game Mode: 1v1
  • Match Mode: bo3
  • Map Selection: Each player picks a homemap. If the score is 1:1 after both maps have been played the decider map gets played.
  • Start Date: Sunday, 13/02/11 16:00 CET
  • Time/Round: 1.25 hours
  • Checkin: From 30 minutes until 20 minutes before the cup starts
  • Green Tooth Jungle
  • Siwal Frontier
  • Green Tooth Gorge
  • Calderis Refinery
  • Leviathan Hive
  • Outer Reaches
  • Quests Heresy
  • Ice Station Obelis
  • Judgement of Carrion
Help & Support

Good luck and have fun!

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Your Admin Team
Imbaer, Friday, 11/02/11 05:53
1on1 Beta Opening Cup
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comments (6)
kick Ice Station Obelis from mappool and add new one ;)
DeBuGeR wrote:
kick Ice Station Obelis from mappool and add new one ;)

We will leave the mappool how it is, but depending on the feedback we may change it in future cups.
Legis and Ice are both equally bad :]
same with Judgement of Carrion
siwal frontier, a shit map since the first day of dow2 :D
Now everyone posts the map he hates the most here, I remove those maps from the next 1on1 cup's mappool and we end up with a mappool consisting of 0 maps.
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