DoWHAT vs. USSR DoW Team
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 USSR DoW Team
Status: closed
MatchID 15598460
Date Saturday, 10 October 19:30
Calculated Sunday, 11 October 01:09
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1on1:  outer reaches, <tba><tba>
<unknown> 2 : 0 <unknown>
1on1:  calderis rafinery, <tba><tba>
<unknown> 2 : 1 <unknown>
1on1:  siwal frontier, <tba><tba>
<unknown> 0 : 2 <unknown>
2on2:  ruins of argus, <tba><tba>
<unknown> 2 : 0 <unknown>
2on2:  golgotha depths, <tba><tba>
<unknown> : <unknown>
DoWHAT wins !
D 3 : 1 USSRx


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hope that wühllich will take it all
1x1 1-2 games remains, it will over soon
Team Poland fighting !
1on1: outer reaches, <tba><tba>
Aniketos : <unknown>
1on1: calderis rafinery, <tba><tba>
WhoIsCorvax : <unknown>
1on1: siwal frontier, <tba><tba>
AleksiusAtor : <unknown>
2on2: ruins of argus, <tba><tba>
AleksiusAtor, XuT : <unknown>
2on2: golgotha depths, <tba><tba>
WhoIsCorvax, Aniketos : <unknown>

gogog guys =)
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so lets go ingame
don't see the lineup yet... :(
there is trouble with fix the lineup, so i cant change it cause your team needs to long so our plan is :
ani - link0
Who - sTARdasH
AleKs - micki
alek, xut - micki, sacred
who, ani -ani and evilarc
heh guys, yours lineup was entered after my post in comments
=) hf, 00-35 Klose, revenge, plz ;)
ok, when we ll play
mikitricky, sacredl : AleksiusAtor, XuT
We re ready to play now =)
USSRxAleksiusAtor : mikitricky
2 : 0
stardash - who 2:1
2on2 game stardash, link0 vs evilarc, ani tomorrow.
stardash - who 2:1

the 2on2 game between stardash, and link0 vs. Evil and Arni will be played tomorow. sry but ems starts at 19.30 cet and our match started 20.45 so cause of this delay i cant do anything, be earlier than that will be no problem

u can put any date, but pls write with link0 cause he has another time in USA. Sry but i have to go to a Birthday now, its 22 cet saturday, so i hope that it is okay to play the 2on2 tomorow, really thx.

an suggestion maybe : tomorow 22 cet
thx 4 games

2sTARdasH seem so we shouldnt play last 2x2 =)
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2:0 for us

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