TOXiC.DoW vs. USSR DoW Team
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 USSR DoW Team
Status: closed
MatchID 10917582
Date Wednesday, 05 November 18:00
Calculated Tuesday, 09 December 16:19
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Result Media
1on1:  Blood river, <tba><tba>
Muffin 2 : 0 Backsnapbob
1on1:  Blood river, <tba><tba>
Horde 2 : 0 Striker
1on1:  Blood river, <tba><tba>
oXo 2 : 0 AZ
2on2:  Saints Square, <tba><tba>
Horde, Da_Red_Wunz 2 : 1 Striker, AZ
2on2:  Saints Square, <tba><tba>
oXo, Pega 2 : 0 Hellknight, Backsnapbob
TOXiC.DoW wins !
TOXiC 5 : 0 USSRx
Points +5 : 0
Wednesday, 19 November 11:54
Horde v striker 1*
750 kB, Wednesday, 19 November 11:54, by 2164636 (TOXiC)
Wednesday, 19 November 11:57
Horde vs Striker 2*
747 kB, Wednesday, 19 November 11:57, by 2164636 (TOXiC)
Wednesday, 19 November 12:04
Horde/Red v Striker/AZ 1*
1.2 MB, Wednesday, 19 November 12:04, by 2164636 (TOXiC)
Wednesday, 19 November 12:11
Horde/Red v Striker/AZ 3*
755 kB, Wednesday, 19 November 12:11, by 2164636 (TOXiC)
Wednesday, 19 November 12:07
Horde/Red vs Striker/AZ 2*
754 kB, Wednesday, 19 November 12:07, by 2164636 (TOXiC)
Sunday, 16 November 14:13
Klob 1*
501 kB, Sunday, 16 November 14:13, by 2813753 (TOXiC)
Sunday, 16 November 14:13
Klob 2*
501 kB, Sunday, 16 November 14:13, by 2813753 (TOXiC)
Wednesday, 19 November 12:16
oXo v AZ 1*
1.2 MB, Wednesday, 19 November 12:16, by 2164636 (TOXiC)
Wednesday, 19 November 12:28
oXo vs AZ 2*
1.2 MB, Wednesday, 19 November 12:28, by 2164636 (TOXiC)
Wednesday, 19 November 11:49
Horde v Striker all*
268 kB, Wednesday, 19 November 11:49, by 2164636 (TOXiC)
Wednesday, 19 November 11:59
Horde/Red v Strik/AZ 2v2 all*
517 kB, Wednesday, 19 November 11:59, by 2164636 (TOXiC)
Sunday, 16 November 14:13
Klob FD + MB*
196 kB, Sunday, 16 November 14:13, by 2813753 (TOXiC)
Wednesday, 19 November 12:14
oXo v AZ all*
211 kB, Wednesday, 19 November 12:14, by 2164636 (TOXiC)
* No longer available
04/12/08 16:59

Hi all
Gl Hf

Match Report
Muffin 2 : 0 Backsnapbob
Horde 2 : 0 Striker
oXo 2 : 0 AZ
Horde, Da_Red_Wunz 2 : 1 Striker, AZ
oXo, Pega 2:0 Hellknight, Backsnapbob
05/11/08 11:54

comments (67)
I want muffin
Then you truly are a fool.
Hey guys. Is it ok if we seed Muffin? :) Also which spot will Bob be playing in? We can give him his wish :p
:D Muffin vs the Swede :D Fun
I'm afk in that whole week, I'm only avaliable to play next week (I go abroad)
But the next weekend will be the weekend of the clan league xD
Horde when u can play?
I can play Monday or Tuesday pretty much any time in the afternoon or evening. Take your pick :)
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As for the 2vs2, it would be convenient for Red if we could play at 20:30 or after on Monday or Friday. However, pretty much any time after 14:00 but before 19:00 would also be okay.

Ps: Why do you Russians always say "when you can play"? It's "when can you play" :P
@Hellknight. Your messege was kinda confusing.... can you play the 2v2 around 20:00 on Sunday evening?
lol Acid, he can't, he clearly stated that.
15 00 monday

1vs1 and after 2vs2

p.s. lu oxo xD
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добрый день Az :p
@Red. so is he saying he will use a WC? O.o
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Nope, he says we gonna play it next week.
when can u play today az?
Just to confirm it for you guys: I'll be there at 1500 today, and me and red can play the 2vs2 after (16:00, or earlier).

Also, since nobody else posted this yet: Oxo 2-0 AZ.
in gov horde
Horde 2-0 Striker.

1-1 for the 2vs2. Az got connection problems or something like that, so we moved the third game to 15:00 tomorow IIRC.

Which is good, because that'll hopefully give me enough time to convince red that capping his points is a good idea.

Sigh <_<
i had awfull hour of fighting with my connection
we use PPPoE protocol mostly for this kind of internet
1st i had checked conection status
by checking internal modem setting in adress
it always says conected but in fact internet didnt work
so i tryed several times to reboot modem and computer but it didnt help
support phone was off at that phone coz it was late time about 19 00 (it works until 17 or 18) thats why i couldnt do anytning and just waited
than i used my mobile phone to get in icq
and started to play fallout 3 coz i like it
after hour or more i turned off fallout and saw internet working
i was very happy and mm..

the end xD
I've just come back from my competition, from Germany.
Sadly, luck wasn't near our side this time, watching the 1v1's :/
This weekend is good for me to play the 2v2's I will arrange with Bob as well.
Gl to az&striker for the 2nd 2v2 at least we should win our team games :P
Horde you maggot I just realised what you've written down here. We didn't postpone the GAME to 15:00 but to 16:00 or even 17:00. I can't play at 15:00 you fool :/
Oh. Guess I musta understood you wrongly.

Az/striker: Can you guys play at 16:00 or 17:00 then?
16:00 that is.
We're waiting in VR.
horde red 2:1 , gg's except 1st)
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That was you lagging, I tell you! :(

Yeh, ggs :P
Thats me just back from vacation.

So we are slowly getting through the games. its TOXiC 3:0 USSR so far. We are waiting on the Bob game and the remaining 2v2.

@Hellknight. If it has to be the weekend then Sunday evening is probably best.
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TOXiC swap Muffin for Klas in the 1v1. Bob when can you play?
Is player change allowed? Nothing offense, just I'm curious.
Ehok.. BoB WHEN
@Hell. Yes it is. Is sunday ok then for your 2v2?
It's just strange... If someone realizes, that he gets an opponent who's mainrace is disadvantegous for him, he just ask his mate to play instead of him... if I would know that this is allowed I would offer sum changes where I could do better, than my mates.

And yes, for me, it is. But I would like to play it asap, today and tomorrow night is good as well.
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@Hellknight. You shouldnt assume..its a bad habit. Muffin has had alot on recently and was struggling to make it. For the sake of getting the game played its better Klas plays.

Has Bob commented on the 2v2 yet? when does he want to play?
As I said no offense :-) Just I see logic in it.

And I don't know I gonna talk with him.
Me n bob will play when we meet on msn. I am free sunday.
Today 20:00? Or 21:00? Would be nice to know it cause we supposed to play our 2v2 vs ToT as well, and it will be at this time nearly.
Klas 2:0 Bob GGs
Bob won't be here at the evening... i don't know what to do...
Thats difficult because Pega will struggle to play during the week because he is -8 and has college. Maybe Tuesday 17:00 but that depend if oxo can as well.

You defo cant play this evening?
Today definitely won't be good.
Hmm, on weekdays I'm extremly busy tbh maybe at late night I can play only...
Well maybe you should use a wildcard? We would rather play the game than accept the def win.
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Weekday evenings can be good for me (for us as well I hope)
If u guys write a date when u are acceptable at the evening times (after 20:30) I arrange with bob and we'll see what can we do ^^
hmm. We offered you a good time for Pega in post #44. Today at 17:00. If i can grab oXo do you think you could make that?
It won't be good for me... as I mentioned I'm only avaliable at late night cause of my studies&fencing training. I'm leaving right now... :S
tomorrow is ok for me but not today :/
Well i think USSR should Wildcard this game. Then we can play at the weekend. Hellknight cant play until after 20:30 during the week..this is impossible for Pega as its 11:30 in the morning.
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