Templars Of Twilight - DoW.EMS vs. USSR DoW Team
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 Templars Of Twilight - DoW.EMS
 USSR DoW Team
Status: closed
MatchID 10917577
Date Wednesday, 29 October 18:00
Calculated Sunday, 16 November 19:30
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1on1:  Blood river, <tba><tba>
DerGaertner 2 : 0 Backsnapbob
1on1:  Blood river, <tba><tba>
Santiago4ever 2 : 0 AZ
1on1:  Blood river, <tba><tba>
True 2 : 0 Striker
2on2:  Saints Square, <tba><tba>
Santiago4ever, True 2 : 0 Striker, AZ
2on2:  Saints Square, <tba><tba>
Right, DerGaertner 0 : 2 Backsnapbob, Hellknight
Templars Of Twilight - DoW.EMS wins !
ToT 4 : 1 USSRx
Points +4 : +1
Prematch Statement ToT
2nd last playday. USSR. A team with strong 1on1 players compared to their 2on2.

As usual Santi& True will try and get some points. And lets see what we can do on top of that, this time. :D

gg gl HF!
29/10/08 15:45
oh my good!
thats all xDD

hahahah "god" instead "good"

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gl HF!
hfhf =)
will be our 1st meet
i will be up for this :)
As if anyone from ToT except me will bother with scheduling and playing the games xD
omg i face santi
True when u can play?
Since the same people are playing 2v2/1v1 against eachother maybe we could set one date for the 2v2 and then play the 1v1s straight away after it? I can play pretty much anytime during saturday/sunday as long as it's not too early or too late.
when are you able to play bob?
I would prefer sunday :)
Fine, don't tell me any times you can play. I will use my magic 8-ball to discern when you can play, like always >.>
santi i will find u!
For our 2v2's Sunday, around 19:00 (or a bit before cause I have eas from 20:00) would be nice.
No you wont AZ. I have exams on tuesday and I plan to study for them, if I don't get a time to play my games I have no idea how to plan my bloody weekend >.>

When I start studying for my exams my MSN and other ways to contact me will be turned OFF.

True suggests 20:00 for the 2v2 and maybe play the 1v1s after?

And Hellknight, you have no EAS on sunday, it ends tomorrow and the games that have been scheduled for after will be deleted. They just can't turn off the autochallenger until EAS is over for some reason.
I understand u. Thx the information. I don't really know how esl works in some part, and this is the first time that I take part in it.
Sunday 7 pm for the 2on2, and play the 1on1 after?
yes would be ok :) hopefully bob can play after the 2on2
You all suck at deciding on times :/
Could you please confirm this time. I'd go to sleep otherwise..
Damn, my memories cheated me xD I remembered at 20:00.
But if u guys here we could still play the game.
Edit: But as I see noone showed up at that time :S
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We don't bother showing up when not a single person bothers confirming times. Got other things to do.
*Peers into the magic 8-ball to see when these games will be played.*

"Please try again"

Bah, just my luck.
Wednesday 8.30 for the 2on2?
I've talked with gaertner, bob yesterday, and the problem is that bob will be afk till Friday (he goes abroad) and I go to a fencing competition to Germany from thursday till monday. This way its impossible for us to play the 2v2 on that week.
Draw a wildcard then. :)
And as for my games... I have exams on tuesday and saturday, this weekend was when I could play...
Ah cmon guys. Really?

5 Games not scheduled due to USSR? That cant be right..
Well, at least I'm trying :-)
We arranged our previous games properly, I don't know what happened, we got inactive a bit ^^
I advice to get the opponent on icq, and write him at the weekend -> no problem mostly.
And our 2v2 is clear, on next week we gonna find a date to play.
Weekend is over and none of the matches are played. None of them were our mistake. So, looks like a few wildcards for you. Suggest new dates for the matches then please, since our players are acutally checking this site.
^^ yeah i check here nearly every day but only hellknight seems interrested in this.
btw bob :D when are you able to play now??
its ok coz i havent internet till wednesday...
Next week then, on the weekend I'll be here to play the games. It would be nice to write off the games ^^
Still no efforts from USSR..
Omg, I've just came back from my competition and tourney (from Germany) and absolutely nothing happened...
I will write to all of my mates, to answer, and for me the weekend is good for the 2v2's, we use wildcard or what. This week. Matches gonna be played. If it's up to me.
Mm offer smth santa!
Plz guys, some kind of answers :-)
I'm ready to play my 2v2 this weekend, practically any date can be good for me.
Moreover, if someone doesn't have time/mood/anything to play from us I can play in his role, since I know that player change is allowed ^^
Still nothing...
Today 20:00? 21:00? It would be good to know cause we play vs toxic at this time too.
Sorry, got a test on wednesday so no way for me to play these games really.
Bob said that evening won't be good for him neither...
I dunno what to do...
Ah, this results had done by taking into attention how much someone tried to arrange dates, am I right? ^^
I hope, in another league both team will show more activity cause to tell the truth I would liked to play vs certain players.
I assume the win for USSR was a mercywin, because looking on effort shown and showing up for dates it should have been 5:0 :P
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