USSR DoW Team vs. Immortals
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 USSR DoW Team
Status: closed
MatchID 10917568
Date Wednesday, 08 October 20:00
Calculated Saturday, 25 October 20:51
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Result Media
1on1:  Blood river, <tba><tba>
AZ 2 : 0 Limonad
1on1:  Blood river, <tba><tba>
Backsnapbob 2 : 1 VelAn
1on1:  Blood river, <tba><tba>
Striker 2 : 0 KutuzkiN
2on2:  Saints Square, <tba><tba>
Backsnapbob, Hellknight 0 : 2 KutuzkiN, BARBOSS
2on2:  Saints Square, <tba><tba>
Striker, AZ 1 : 2 Limonad, VelAn
USSR DoW Team wins !
USSRx 3 : 2 IMS|
Points +3 : +2
Thursday, 16 October 20:25
754 kB, Thursday, 16 October 20:25, by 2137975 (IMS|)
Thursday, 16 October 17:48
498 kB, Thursday, 16 October 17:48, by 2169545 (USSRx)
Thursday, 16 October 20:25
Round 1*
758 kB, Thursday, 16 October 20:25, by 2137975 (IMS|)
Wednesday, 15 October 22:29
Round 1*
116 kB, Wednesday, 15 October 22:29, by 2817436 (USSRx)
Thursday, 16 October 17:48
Round 1*
498 kB, Thursday, 16 October 17:48, by 2169545 (USSRx)
Wednesday, 15 October 21:35
Round 1*
514 kB, Wednesday, 15 October 21:35, by 2650308 (IMS|)
Wednesday, 15 October 21:35
Round 2*
515 kB, Wednesday, 15 October 21:35, by 2650308 (IMS|)
Wednesday, 15 October 22:29
Round 3*
116 kB, Wednesday, 15 October 22:29, by 2817436 (USSRx)
Thursday, 16 October 20:26
Striker/AZ vs. Limonad/VelAn*
759 kB, Thursday, 16 October 20:26, by 2137975 (IMS|)
Monday, 13 October 08:55
screen1 az vs lim*
748 kB, Monday, 13 October 08:55, by AZ (USSRx)
Monday, 13 October 08:56
screen2 az vs lim*
748 kB, Monday, 13 October 08:56, by AZ (USSRx)
Thursday, 16 October 20:25
964 kB, Thursday, 16 October 20:25, by 2137975 (IMS|)
Wednesday, 15 October 21:35
Round 1&2*
191 kB, Wednesday, 15 October 21:35, by 2650308 (IMS|)
Monday, 13 October 08:55
az vs lim replays*
233 kB, Monday, 13 October 08:55, by AZ (USSRx)
Wednesday, 15 October 20:51
game 2*
79 kB, Wednesday, 15 October 20:51, by 2137975 (IMS|)
Thursday, 16 October 17:48
184 kB, Thursday, 16 October 17:48, by 2169545 (USSRx)
Wednesday, 15 October 22:30
reps 1,3*
171 kB, Wednesday, 15 October 22:30, by 2817436 (USSRx)
* No longer available
16/10/08 14:39
Pre Match Report
Immortals.. sounds strong
For a long time one of the most succesfull clans in Russia and whole world in DOW.
1st contact with them was in time when i just started play online. Like u too much but...

We have to fight each other!!!
I am not really sure but it must be our first clanwar.
So lets show best skill from both sides.

Also Have fun =).

and ofc good luck in the season.

Veliy is da power

AZ : Limonad 2:0
Backsnapbob : VelAn 2:1
Striker : KutuzkiN 2:0
Backsnapbob, Hellknight : KutuzkiN, BARBOSS 0:2
Striker, AZ : Limonad, VelAn 1:2

USSR : IMS 3:2
03/10/08 16:24
The Awakening
One of crew members woke up from the cryogenic sleep. He looked around and noticed that he was the only one awoken, and that could mean only one thing: She needs his help. Waking up the others was the top priority so he decided to find the stasis-field control panel in order to turn it off.

He tried to stand up and after third attempt he suceeded. Most of his senses were in dissarray but he knew what to do.

He has already made a few steps towards the console when the strange voice in his head rang for the first time.
``Why thee hast awakened?``

He stopped. That voice was too familiar to him, way too familiar... He murmured a prayer to the Emperor and made a few steps more before the voice rang again.
``Thee hast to stay if thee wishes to live``

He began to recall that voice. That voice belonged to one of his bretheren and it seemed that the voice wanted him stopped.
``No way. My faith shall not falter`` he said to himself and made a few more steps.

``You shalt not do this`` - another voice shouted right inside his consciousness, but he could not listen anymore for his faith was strong therefore his steps were becoming more confident with each moment. He knew exactly what to do now.

The voice was growing more impatient, and with each step he made more voices began to ring inside his head. Each step he made towards the console made him both weaker and stronger. He heard the voices of his mates, begging to stop and let them rest peacefuly, he heard the voices of his enemies, laughing at his futile attempts to wake up the others, voices of those he love and those he hated. He grew furious knowing that it were chaos gods themselves who joined in this uneven battle against his resolve.

His sight was fogged for he could longer niether hear nor see, but his faith remained strong and he continued walking towards the console.

The most scary and twisted illusions were sent to break his will, to confuse him and to make him lose his way but nevertheless he got to the console and as soon as he touched the illusions broke, the vile gods of chaos understood they are no match for this brave human.

He had turned off the stasis field and his mates began to wake up, one after another. They all had the same dream, the dream of heresy but now, before the great battle they knew that it is their duty to stand and fight as a crew of one of the the greatest battle-barge in galaxy. Her name was Immortal and they all were know by the name IMMORTALS, the glory of the humanity and the scourge to their foes.

gg gl hf, mates. We have awoken.

(based on real events)
comments (66)
GoGo Russia! =)
nice copypast ...
lolol its not copypast! Kut wrote it himself.
Took me 30 minutes to create it =)

AZ's prerep inspired me to make something as well so I thought this will be nice =)
1 edits
nice epic tale Kut :D
OR and Ice Flow deciders remember
Hiho xD
AZ, when u have time for game?
Wooohoo... bob&knight when u wanna play?
Russia vs Russia, gogogo! GL both!
Backsnapbob, Hellknight & Stellvia are Russians too? =)
So HF both=)
1 edits
Barboss, do not forget - everyone are Russains! Even the Dinosaurs.
1 edits
@BoB . I am ready to play tomorrow after 21-00 or sunday at night.
@Striker, AZ.In sunday or for following week.
in fact every evening but i prefer sunday
coz study dont let me play a lot
Damn those hungarian(?), korean and swedish guys. This is Russia war!
Sunday night seems good to me velan!
Kutuz when u can play?
Aye, hungarian :-) Just like Zsolt (IPlayForFood) or Kyle_lin was. Maybe u know them.
yeah, I thought it was a copy paste too, but a quick google proved otherwise.

crazy :P
Bogger, you asked to put some effort in, so there you go =)
1 edits
Vel, can we play 2vs2 in not evening in sunday?
or monday evening
Striker. If you wan to arrange some times, just write me something in ICQ, we'll arrange it somehow.
Kutuzkin,Barboss, Bob. When I supposed to prepare to our 2v2s? :-) Plz give me a date.
@BoB. I ready to play .write time or in ICQ .
az, limon 2:0
2hellknight Bob says we will play today :)
So... we can play now =)
I know that we will play today but when? :-)
At 19:00 I have eas maybe 20:00 or 21:00?
21 is too late. We can all day till 20:30. U can use icq.
Bobyy! Wrere are u?
+1 :-)
kk. Whan u can play for sure?
I hope that Bob will be able to play next week.
ok! I'm on icq alot i'm sure we will meet there!
go 5-0 for USSR!)
And about the 2v2s... I'm really busy on weekdays but around 21-22:00 today,tomorrow and wednesday I can be here... I try to be here.
We are ready to play now. Till 21:00 ESL time.
Admins plz let us play in Wednesday
there is small prob
Bob :)
I can play whole week 17-20 MSK. We have discussed this issue with Striker. Hopefully we can find some time
2 edits
I can today to 19 msk< 1x1 and 2x2.
nah forget previous post
we can today al evening
we will wait when Vel,Lim appears
maybe around 22 cet
Striker's and Az's last posts are untruth.

Az ll say more info about it in the evening.
See later.
1 edits
Nice orga =)))

Which post should I believe?
I play vs BOB tomorrow , contractually ^^
you`re allowed to play tomorrow, but it`s the last chance!
We should arrange our 2v2 as well. Today I guess noone gonna be here so tomorrow after my training the soonest time is for me 20:30 but I prefer 21:00.
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