System Overload v2 vs. USSR BeTa Team
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 System Overload v2
 USSR BeTa Team
Status: closed
MatchID 10917811
Date Wednesday, 15 October 18:00
Calculated Friday, 24 October 17:44
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1on1:  Fallen City, <tba><tba>
Altaire 2 : 1 Grabli
1on1:  Fallen City, <tba><tba>
KoMMoRRaGh 2 : 0 ScayT
1on1:  Fallen City, <tba><tba>
Capcom 2 : 0 XuT
2on2:  GorHael Crater, <tba><tba>
WhO_Cares, darkiz 2 : 0 Grabli, XuT
2on2:  GorHael Crater, <tba><tba>
KoMMoRRaGh, SpArTy 2 : 0 mStk, ScayT
System Overload v2 wins !
sO v2 5 : 0 USSRx
Points +5 : 0
Sunday, 19 October 11:59
Round 1*
518 kB, Sunday, 19 October 11:59, by 2829385 (sO v2)
Sunday, 19 October 11:59
Round 2*
519 kB, Sunday, 19 October 11:59, by 2829385 (sO v2)
Sunday, 19 October 11:59
Round 3*
521 kB, Sunday, 19 October 11:59, by 2829385 (sO v2)
Sunday, 19 October 11:59
352 kB, Sunday, 19 October 11:59, by 2829385 (sO v2)
* No longer available
USSR BeTa Team
15/10/08 10:36

Die, Sparty >P
System Overload v2
22/10/08 13:49
Alpha team wanted instead &gt;:|
Die Russians!

Altaire 2:1 Grabli

KoMMoRRaGh : ScayT (ScayT didnt show, Wild card by USSR.)

Capcom : XuT (Xut missed the time he arranged and left Capcom waiting for over two hours.)

WhO_Cares, darkiz : Grabli, XuT (No USSR reply to initial times. No reply by Grabli whatsoever. Times and dates given by sO ignored.)

KoMMoRRaGh, SpArTy : mStk, ScayT (No USSR reply to initial times by myself and Kommo right until Tuesday, the day before match deadline which is too much short notice. No reply to our opt to play on Wednesday.)
USSR BeTa Team
22/10/08 15:36
Hello, sO guys!
I think this CW ll be honest and ll take ur breath away XDD
GL HF both team!

1on1: Fallen City, <tba><tba>
Altaire 2 : 1 Grabli
1on1: Fallen City, <tba><tba>
KoMMoRRaGh X : X ScayT (hmm I think it ll be wildcard by USSR but Scayt ll write here about this game)
1on1: Fallen City, <tba><tba>
Capcom X : X XuT (dunno where s capcom -_-)
2on2: GorHael Crater, <tba><tba>
WhO_Cares, darkiz X : X Grabli, XuT (We re waiting for sO time 4 game)
2on2: GorHael Crater, <tba><tba>
KoMMoRRaGh, SpArTy X : X mStk, ScayT
(dunno about this, mStk had broken Net connection, as i know, he fix this, and can play his 2x2... but sO guys cant play since today, doesnt it?
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this will be fun :D . . gl hf guys
Hello guys :)
Óh Hai Thar
Русский форева :DDD
ohh dear, its scayt and his sm. :(
:D XuT :DD want me to ownz0r your Tau again ?? ^.^
U cant do it again my friend :D Cuz I can play not only by Tau :DDD
wut o__O
U re crazy and wanna some PP for ur team and u? Rlly?
What? Its friendly banter, its not meant to be offensive lol. Don’t be sO sensitive.

'Russian' is that a derogative term or something these days? Bloody hell. Political correctness!

Anyway games; Ideally we are looking at Sunday or next week for the 2v2 of which I am involved in, when can you play?
You guys dont understand JOKES? It was a jokes FFS! Or is your english that u cant understand, wtf?
ScayT I should be able to play anytime 12:00-17:00 CET, same goes for the 2v2 as well
Die russians is a Joke? o_O cool...
Capcom when u re ready to play?
Portugal Retards

Grabli, 17:00 - 21:30 GMT +1; Thursday and Friday.

On the weekends I'm available all the time though.
Sparty you freak ! :D

Oh and darkiz, please loose ;)
Mitschi your team is taking this shit too seriously :>>
whyyy sooo seriouuuuss???
darkiz lose o.O impossible he's with me xD
Erm, accidental post.
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Ok, Monday, 16:00 CET, Mordant Zone, 1x1
when can u guys play ur 2v2?
I can play 2v2 today oO tomorrow im off whole day.
Sparty can we be japanese clan next week please?
Why not this week? :D
Well, Russian > Japanese though :P
LIEEES! Dock fuck with Li-Yoo-Sukk !!!!
We gonna pwn coz we eat nudels.
ehhm, stop flood plz.
About capcom, Im waiting for his answer zzzZZZ...
I'm waiting to hear when 2v2 can be played...

Tommorrow me and Kommo be around 12:00-17:00 CET. Its that or Wednesday now you've left it so long to communicate. Capcom will most likely be on tommorrow at a similar time.

Grabli needs to talk and mstk and scay need to say when the 2v2 can be played...
yea when can we play our 2v2 i can probly play sunday monday tues evening if u give me notice, and is capcoms comp fixed yet or do we need sub?
Nah he can play he just has to go to his mates house xD
Grabli! Suggest a time plox!
I'm fine with Monday 16:00
Altaire, connect with me in ICQ.
-_- Im available to play today and tomorrow, today 19:00 CET good for capcom?
About 2x2 2on2: GorHael Crater,
WhO_Cares, darkiz : Grabli, XuT
Im available 2, ll ask Grabli ;>
Alt 2:1 Grabli

Alts chaos ftw.
Xut Capcom will be online in one hour, so 19:00 cet like you asked for.
I can play today every time.
We are all waiting in mordant zone for 2v2 and 1v1. If u are not coming, dont tell us times if u aint playing.
20:00 CET no USSR.
In 19:00 CET I wasnt at home, sry.
I need urs time to play) When re Capcom wanna play and 2x2 games?
Given his current status he wont have much incentive to arrange another time with you on the basis that you probably wont show.

But w/e I’ll ask, looking like a subbing atm.
Are u/he think that we should play all games in 1 day? xDD
Im waiting 4 him.
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I and mstk will be able to play tommorrow
I dunno, can I play today, coz I have one problem, so If I will not be able to play today, we will play our 1x1 tommorrow
sry for delay
erm, u've still not posted a time for the 2v2 to be played and i've not seen 1 post from grabli about 2v2 so i have no idea when its happening, ive told you times i can do can you please choose 1?
Im online too so we could do our 2v2 NOW or later FFS!
I have been waiting here 2 days now i have had time all day on both days. Tomorrow i will be abit busy.

kommo vs scayt will be gd..
darkiz write here when u wanna play 2x2. I ll sad it 2 grabli.
I'm waiting in Mordant for you ScayT...
I don't have all night.... if you dont show up soon we wont be able to play the 2v2
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