Above Your Skill.DoW vs. USSR BeTa Team
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 Above Your Skill.DoW
 USSR BeTa Team
Status: closed
MatchID 10917804
Date Wednesday, 01/10/08 12:00
Calculated 09/10/08 03:55
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Result Media
1on1:  Battle Marshes, <tba><tba>
VeeTeK 0 : 2 Grabli
1on1:  Battle Marshes, <tba><tba>
Wrobel 0 : 2 ScayT
1on1:  Battle Marshes, <tba><tba>
Kitek 1 : 2 XuT
2on2:  Biffy's Peril, <tba><tba>
Kitek, VeeTeK 2 : 0 XuT, Grabli
2on2:  Biffy's Peril, <tba><tba>
ka3czor, Wrobel 0 : 2 mStk, ScayT
USSR BeTa Team wins !
AByS.DoW 1 : 4 USSRx
Points +1 : +4
03/10/08 14:30
ScayT vs Wrobel ss 1*
749 kB, 03/10/08 14:30, by ScayT (USSRx)
03/10/08 14:31
ScayT vs Wrobel ss 2*
750 kB, 03/10/08 14:31, by ScayT (USSRx)
08/10/08 13:51
Screen 1*
497 kB, 08/10/08 13:51, by XuT (USSRx)
08/10/08 13:05
USSR vs AByS 2x2 SS 1*
757 kB, 08/10/08 13:05, by ScayT (USSRx)
08/10/08 13:05
USSR vs AByS 2x2 SS 2*
757 kB, 08/10/08 13:05, by ScayT (USSRx)
08/10/08 13:51
screen 2*
500 kB, 08/10/08 13:51, by XuT (USSRx)
08/10/08 13:51
screen 3*
509 kB, 08/10/08 13:51, by XuT (USSRx)
07/10/08 15:35
vs VeeTek 1*
494 kB, 07/10/08 15:35, by mStk (USSRx)
07/10/08 15:36
vs VeeTek 2*
493 kB, 07/10/08 15:36, by mStk (USSRx)
03/10/08 14:29
ScayT vs Wrobel 2-0 reps*
177 kB, 03/10/08 14:29, by ScayT (USSRx)
08/10/08 13:03
USSR vs AByS 2x2*
311 kB, 08/10/08 13:03, by ScayT (USSRx)
07/10/08 15:35
mStk vs VeeTek*
175 kB, 07/10/08 15:35, by mStk (USSRx)
08/10/08 13:51
360 kB, 08/10/08 13:51, by XuT (USSRx)
* No longer available
Above Your Skill.DoW





USSR BeTa Team




Hi. Hoping for good games, and no delays with playing submatches. GL & HF!
USSR BeTa Team
08/10/08 14:30
Hi, ABYS! We hope this Clan War will be interesting, and all games will playing at CW&amp;amp;#039;s week
Anyway, good luck and have fun, guys ;&amp;amp;gt;


VeeTeK 0 : 2 Grabli (replace to mStk)
Wrobel 0 : 2 ScayT
Kitek 1 : 2 XuT
Kitek, VeeTeK ? : ? XuT, Grabli (AByS will use wildcard)
ka3czor, Wrobel 0 : 2 mStk, ScayT (will play today)
comments (46)
hiho !
our LU is very predictable =)
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pre match reports pl0x.
was done already =D
Hi, Wrobel!
When you can play 1on1?
Tommorrow 20-00 sounds good?
GL HF Veeeeeteeeeeeek!
Hi XuT I'm almost every afternoon, try to catch me on xfire or icq.

p.s. ScayT what i know Wrobel will be able to play in days friday - sunday only.

VeeTeK, when u can play?
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ok we will play with Wrobel in Friday-Sunday
VeeTeK, what do u think about match in Monday or Sunday??
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Hi all.
Kitek, when we ll play? Write here ur time and date.
hi ScayT meby we pley todey ? 20-21 ?
HI UsHeR (Wrobel?)
Hmmm I have EAS today at 20-00, but I think I can play vs you today at 20-00
And can we play our 2x2 after our 1x1?
I mean ka3czor, Wrobel vs mStk, ScayT
ocularus terribus 20 ??
sounds good =)
meets there ^_^
20-00 ocularis
Wrobel 0 - 2 ScayT
gg's ;)
Today we will play our 2x2 (ka3czor, Wrobel vs mStk, ScayT)
at 19-30
Meets on Gates Of Varl
(ka3czor, Wrobel vs mStk, ScayT) TODAY 17 ?? ocularus torribus
no, we have some EMS quali games vs IMS =/
we have also at 18:00 with UNIR...
our game vs IMS starts at 17:00(cet)/19:00 Moscow time, so today we are too busy, sry
yeah, I am very busy today, coz I have 2 EAS games + EMS quali
kk np. guys gl in ems!
Grabli - just depends on you. I can on each day of week, since 4 PM.
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Kitek wrote:
guys gl in ems!

Gl u 2 guys :D
Kitek, when we ll play? ;)
VeeTeK, letz play at 20-00 today or tomorrow in mordant zone.
Xut let say today at 20:00 CET mordat zone. Will you be at this time maybe?
I'll be on Mordant Zone at 21 o'clock. Sorry, but I cannot earlier.

See you in game!
Dunno about 22:00, but I ll try to be there(
OK.Ill try. today or tomorrow.
XuT i'am on lobby
Didnt be there as I sad, u can play today and what about 2x2??
Veetek has problems with instal a hamachi, and we has problems with connect on GS. As i know Kiteks words He ll use a wild card, if they didnt do this , this situation ll ve admins decision.
dunno is that allow or not, but we(abys nd ussr) have decided to replace grabli with me(mStk)and i played vs VeeTek

mStk [2:0] VeeTek @MoM, QT
ye, u r allowed to replace 1 player in each clanwar as long as the replacing one didnt play in the same type of game(i.e. 1v1 or 2v2 respectively)
gj mStk :)
Guys speed up pls with missing games.
Scayt + mstk 2 - 0 ka3czor + wrobel
mstk/scayt [2:0] Ka3czlor/wrobel @crater, ice flow
edit: scayt faster than me t_t
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1-2 Kiter - XuTM
gg :)
defwin to abys
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