5on5 Dota 2 Autumn League 2013 - #2 Phase
The first phase of our 5on5 Dota 2 Autumn League is over, 8 Teams qualified for the Playoffs, check who they are and how the tournament will go on.

The second phase of the 5on5 Autumn League will be the last one. This is a group stage in which every team will play a bo1 against every other team which qualified. We give you matchdays on which we recommend you to play the match, so you will do it in time, because you have two weeks to play 7 matches. If a team cant play on this date please contact the other team and tell them and find an other matchday. Not showing up without informing your opponent before will be punished with a default win. For every win a team will receive 3 points, the team with the most points on the end will be the winner.

Here are the teams, which reached the Playoffs:

Playoff Group
1. ZONE ESports Dota2
2. Eco Green
3. DileCom
4. Next Level Game
5. Semper Sursum
6. RagingRishoffs
7. BaD InTeNtIoNs!
8. Stemningspiskeriet



2° Phase: Playoffs - BO1

Matchday #1:
01st November - 19:00 CET

Matchday #2:
03rd November - 19:00 CET

Matchday #3:
05th November - 19:00 CET

Matchday #4:
07th November - 19:00 CET

Matchday #5:
09th November - 19:00 CET

Matchday #6:
11th November - 19:00 CET

Matchday #7:
13th November - 19:00 CET

Questions? Support ticket

To get a better overview for the upcoming matches click on the following link:

Match-Overview Autumn League - 2° Phase
Ranking Autumn League - 2° Phase

Don't hesitate and feel free to leave feedback or questions via our Support System, Forum, the comments or Steam Group, which will be also used during the cup. Therefore everyone is gladly invited to join this group.

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Sooooo can you reschedule any of these matches or do you have to play at the assigned times? Having matches Friday/Saturday generally doesn't sit well in with none professional teams.

EDIT: Nm just noticed the description :)
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superawesome tournament!
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