5on5 Autumn League Announcement
The Dota2 5on5 Autumn League 2013 is comming !! You will have again the chance to win some premiumcodes or even the "Seasoncup (Autumn) Award". What are you waiting for - Sign up!

The ESL Staff want to announce the DotA 2 5on5 Autumn League 2013. This Seasonal Tournament will consist of 2 different phases, the first one will be the qualification, which will be in this case a one day cup. This cup will only be played until the quarter finals. Every team, which will reach the quarter finals, is qualified for the second phase. The second phase will be a group stage with a total amount of 8 teams. In this phase every team will have to play a bo1 against all 7 opponents.

Date: Start 29th October

1° Phase: One Day Cup - bo1
29th October

This cup will be played only until the quarter finals.
The teams, which will reach the quarter finals (8 Teams) are qualifed for the second phase.

2° Phase: Groupstage (8 Teams) (bo1)
30th October - 15th November

Settings: 1 groups x 8 teams
In total every team has to play 7 matches - one against every opponent.

If there are 2 teams with the same points, the winner is who won the direct match.

Questions? Support ticket

Signup 5on5 Autumn League 2013
Until 28th of October at 23:59 cest

1st Place

Award + 3 Months Premium

2nd Place   2 Months  remium
3rd Place   1 Month    remium

Premium prizes are only given out, if there are at least 8 teams participating.
Season Award is only given out, if there are at least 16 teams participating.

Why Premium ?

  • No advertisement
  • Active support of league
  • No waiting time at Gather
  • Awards
  • Start Gather with ESL Wire Anti-Cheat
  • Access to special leagues (f.e. Amateur Series)

  • Support and Questions

    Don't hesitate and feel free to leave feedback or questions via our Support System, Forum, the comments or Steam Group, which will be also used during the cup. Therefore everyone is gladly invited to join this group.

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    // Your Admin Team

    Fightcamp, Tuesday, 22/10/13 11:12
    comments (10)
    Looks great! Thanks esl!
    we are waiting for accept :S
    karateka wrote:
    we are waiting for accept :S

    There is a problem at the moment with the cupjoins. It will be fixed today.
    1 edits
    Problem solved now, we are sorry for the issues.
    ... at the beginning there was no date when sign up is available. now i see cup is already full Oo.

    Maybe increase the team size ?!?
    I dont get it, there are 32 Teams, why no RO32?
    16 teams are in and 16 are waiting for a slot...make more games plz
    can we still join? We are just unconfirmed.
    when the cup goes on ? next week or tomorrow?
    iSixti wrote:
    when the cup goes on ? next week or tomorrow?

    All informations are here:
    • info write comment not allowed