RaidCall EMS One: Brackets and spectator info for Katowice
We are proud to announce the venue for our final event that will take place on April 20th and 21st: The Spring 2013 Finals will be held in the conference area of the angelo Hotel in Katowice, Poland. Teams, press and spectators will find themselves in a friendly and comfortable atmosphere to experience the tournament to its fullest while being as close to Europe's best players as possible.
After the group phase has concluded a week ago, here's a final overview of the 8 teams that successfully took part in the cups leading up the group stage and made it through. These eight teams will battle it out for $35,000 on April 20th and 21st.

RaidCall EMS One DOTA2 Finals in Katowice

Group A Group B   Prize Pot  
mousesports Fnatic EU   1st Place $12,000
Natus Vincere Absolute Legends   2nd Place $7,000
      3rd Place $4,000
Group C Group D   4th Place $4,000
dd.dota No Tidehunter   5-8th Place $2,000 RoX.KIS   Total $35,000

Tournament Bracket

Today, we conducted the official drawing of the quarter final matches live on ESL TV. The first-placed teams of each group were matched with the second-placed ones, and teams from the same group could not meet in the quarter final either. Here is the result:

RoX.KIS vs. Quantic Gaming Dota2 dota2 vs. Flip.Sid3 Tactics
mousesports vs. Alliance
NAV vs. Fnatic.DotaEU

Tournament Bracket


Sat 20/04, 11:00 CEST: RoX.KIS vs. Quantic Gaming Dota2
Sat 20/04, 14:00 CEST: dota2 vs. Flip.Sid3 Tactics
Sat 20/04, 17:00 CEST: mousesports vs. Alliance
Sat 20/04, 20:00 CEST: NAV vs. Fnatic.DotaEU

Sun 21/04, 11:00 CEST: Semi Final #1
Sun 21/04, 14:00 CEST: Semi Final #2
Sun 21/04, 17:15 CEST: Grand Final


On the 20th and 21st of April you have the chance to be on the spot when the eight qualified teams face off to determine the very first RaidCall EMS One champion. Cheer for your favourite team and see all the matches live in our venue in Katowice! The seats are limited, so don't hesitate for too long.

Please understand that this event does not feature an open entrance: You may only enter the venue if you are in posession of a spectator pass. There will be no ticket sale on-site.

Nazroth, Friday, 05/04/13 13:00
RaidCall EMS One Dota 2
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22 euros for a ticket is too much for Polish people, you might consider lowering them.
22 Euros gl with that guys. Face reality please.
22€ for a whole weekend is actually a good deal!
DrunKin wrote:
22€ for a whole weekend is actually a good deal!

yes sure, maybe in Germany, in Po(or)land it's like 1/15 of monthly salary. Nobody's gonna come, or at least certainly not me, can't afford it.
im going to come no matter what, though price could be a little bit lower
Well, despite the fact that ticket price is so high, you should definitely come to hear new polish Dota 2 casters casting their first LAN tournament. Together with my mates we will try to provide you best entertainment ever.
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90zł for the ticket?

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I hope to come there.
Anyone from Cracow are going there? I will have 2 or 3 free seats in my car. ATM i'm planning to go back to Cracow at saturday and drive there back in the sundays morning. If anyone interested PM me.
Anyone going from north Poland? let's say through Torun/Bydgoszcz etc;>?
jedzie ktoś z Gdańska/Sopotu ?
Mindsc2tv wrote:
22 euros for a ticket is too much for Polish people, you might consider lowering them.
Are those sold out already?? well, thats kinda bad if its true. Was about to buy em today evening.

i got one ;D
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I would like to buy some tickets for at least one day. If someone cannot attend the event, please contact me.
If someone want to sell ticket please contact with me. I really want to see this event
If somebody cannot attend the event but has ticket, please contact me on, thanks.
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Hi guys, please if anybody have spare tickets ( cannot go to the event etc. ) I wanna buy 2 tickets, please conntact me ASAP. Thanks ;)
PS: contact me even if U have only one ticket, ty
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Hi Dota Fans!

If anyone has spare tickets please email me at:

vp not coming, who gonna replace them?will bracket change?
Yes, will be replaced. More information on this soon.
got one ticket for tomorrow finals.
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