GUnS.Bp Ladder vs. W4NTED 3 on 3
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 GUnS.Bp Ladder
 W4NTED 3 on 3
Status: closed
MatchID 25022858
Date Thursday, 19 January 19:00
Calculated Saturday, 21 January 22:53
Round Lower Round of 8 #1
map Map elimination
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1 : 0
GUnS.Bp Ladder wins ! (Default Win)

GUnS.Bp Ladder

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Each cupround will have a pool of five maps. Both teams vote out one map. So we got three maps left, which could be played. The team on the left side in the match sheet decides which map will be played first and the next map will be decided by the other team. A third map will only be played if the match is a draw after two maps (one map for each team).

The Mappool will be the following: dod_argentan, dod_donner, dod_anzio, dod_flash, dod_kalt

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