Nightcup #22
Because our last nightcups were well-stocked we just decided to give you each week two possibilities for playing. This time our next nightcup, the 22nd edition, will be played on upcoming Wednesday. We hope, that you stay active and play as much nightcups as you can. If you are not happy about our nightcups, or if you have something that you would like to change, we please you to let us know about it.
Every map will be played 2x15 minutes, please contact your next opponent as soon as you know him to avoid large delays.

Information: Nightcup #22

23/06/13 15:30 CET Signup open
26/06/13 19:45 CET Signup closed
26/06/13 20:00 CET Round of 16
26/06/13 20:45 CET Round of 8
26/06/13 21:30 CET semifinal
26/06/13 22:15 CET final

Winners: Nightcup #20

You can find this winners and the winners from all previous cups in our Hall of Fame.


As a small reminder, here is the the ranking for the seeding. The first four places are seeded, the other teams get random positions.

Your Admin Staff
Duality, Sunday, 23/06/13 09:25
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