Spring Season 2010
What can you expect from this new and upcoming Season?
Premier League

The best 16 teams will be invited to this highest amateur competition, which is going to copy the EMS system, rules (for example BO3 mapelimination) and schedule 1:1. The winning team is going to qualify automaticly for the EMS VIII. The teams will be informed in time separatly about the slightly stricter rules.

Open League

Those regular Divisions are going to look like our playerbase is used to from former seasons. We are going to release our suggestions of the divisions in advance of the competition, so everyone can give his feedback for about one week to adjust the divisions and express the wish to be moved up/down according to their skill-level. Some additional facts:

- 4x15 system with fixed adminmaps
- 24 teams each division, splitted up into four groups of six
- top two of each group are going to advance to the playoffs
- statements and SrcTV optional, but not required

Rookie League

Every team that has no ESL or even no competitive DoD experience is welcome to join our so called Bootcamp. Similar to the german section we are helping DoD:S teams with the rules, everything will not be as strict as in the regular season and at least one dedicated admin is going to answer every question and supports you with any kind of help to get familiar with our/a league. You can contact us even before you signup so we can help you creating an account for your team and teach you the basics that you need to play your matches. Once again: Message us however you want if you plan to participate in this section of our league!

In general for every amateur league again: the first Matchweek is going to start on 26th April 2010, teams are free to agree a date within a matchweek if the default day (Sundays at 20.00 CET does not fit the schedule of both teams). Again every team is going to recieve one wildcard for the groupstage, and another one for the playoffs.
Therefore the signups will be closed at the 18th April, after that we will publish our allocation, which will be improved by the community then until the season kicks off!

You can signup for the Spring 2010 Event right here and of course you can find out who did that already

We would like to state once again that our improved "Aequitasrule" will be applied in this tournament:

If a player can't upload his Aequitasfile because of an error, he has to open a support ticket within the next 24 hours and explain his problem. If the error code is a known one and the solution to the problem is written down the Aequitas FAQ or the user has the error code for a second time after a solution to that problem was explained to him over the support ticket before, penalty points will be given away.

However we are going to redesign and improve the rules so it should be easier to follow for everyone. This will not include a change of the minimum rates from 40 to 60 like our previous poll suggested. More details about the new rulepage will be released soon.

If you have any questions or you need help to signup or you want to give your opinion in advance about the new season feel free to suggest and contact us!

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fAn, Sunday, 28/03/10 15:04
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I have absolutely got confused...

EMS qr1, qr2, spring season 2010, premier league... open league.. rookie league.
It's day by day harder to understand structure of ESL =(
EMS > premier > open > rookie :D
EMS is the professional league, the winner of the premier will play next year in the EMS, winner open leauge is going to proceed in the premier leauge and so on ...

rookie league is like a bootcamp where new teams will be coached by an admin to rules and so on!
QR1 and QR2 are only Qualification tournaments for the EMS, isn´t so hard to understand if you read every news!
ye. only if i read every news. but for many members it will hard to understand =)
GL all teams. Dods isn't dead =)
osk @ premier! :A
@admins team-flash.frozen want join the rookie league.
When is the last chance to sign up?
fAn wrote:
Therefore the signups will be closed at the 18th April, after that we will publish our allocation, which will be improved by the community then until the season kicks off!

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impressiV join rookie league please , thanks
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