United Kingdom vs. France
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 United Kingdom
Status: closed
MatchID 17882734
Date Sunday, 25/04/10 15:00
Calculated 18/05/10 06:35
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dod_anzio 0 : 5
dod_anzio 0 : 0
France wins !
United Kingdom
11/05/10 11:40
UK v France
We are really looking forward to the grand final of this years nationscup. We are happy to have reached the final 2 years consecutively and are fully of confidence heading into this game having already beaten the French team in the upper bracket final some weeks ago. However, we will not write the France team off considering they have some of the more talented players in Europe which comes from having a relatively large scene. We wish the French the best of luck in the upcoming match but hope we can take the spoils yet again.
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comments (13)
We may have a guy on holiday so please bear with us, i will try and add more information asap.
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3 guys also have shitty working hours for the next 3/4 weeks. Sunday 9th April 8gmt ok?
9th May 8gmt***
Sunday 16th 8gmt?
I can't tell you right now, I'll ask the players on sunday or monday.
we eliminated maps first last time, i will allow you guys to go first this time.
Can't play on Sunday btw, dRu have their EMS match.
when are you able to play, lets try and speed this up its like this game is being dragged out.
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monday, tuesday, maybe wednesday, maybe thursday
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