Germany DoD:S vs. Team Finland DoDS
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 Germany DoD:S
 Team Finland DoDS
Status: closed
MatchID 17882732
Date Tuesday, 27/04/10 14:00
Calculated 27/04/10 19:51
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dod_anzio 0 : 1
dod_harrington 0 : 1
Team Finland DoDS wins !
Germany DoD:S






Team Finland DoDS






Germany DoD:S
27/04/10 13:23
Team Finland DoDS
27/04/10 12:31
Here we are again, time to whoop the germans again.

Even tho i already once succesfully managed to beat the living ~~~~ out of them so its kind of whatever to me personally either we win or lose but we shall win this one just to boost our ego a bit further.

We havent been practising at all so this one could get close, something like 2-0 for us, gotta state one interesting point tho, im quite sure that this time we have no hangovers or drunken ppl playin so this is gonna be hard for us.

Nevertheless, we shall clash on the fields
Germany DoD:S
27/04/10 04:02
They could hurt us by beating our team on salerno in the groupstage, we hope we can play better this time at a best-of-three and on other maps. We finally could practice one time, though with a bit different lineup than we are going to see today. Anyway again we are confident, still knowing that this is going to be a close match again, like the last against spain. Still we think we can take this, as we do not only want revenge for our loss against finland, we try to reach the next round to beat this time france too. See you all ingame, gl hf!
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comments (25)
hello again!
Hi! When would you like to play ?
the day blannzi provides me with moar cheezburgerz
maybe sunday? we are still asking who is available to play, but it looks like a good option
Sunday could be bad for us, how about thursday?
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i`ll ask tonight and get back to you on irc
Nice that you answered, we can't play on sunday..
what about monday ? :_)
if u gief cheezburgers
nah no cheezburgerz for monday, lets play on tuesday :))
Monday would have been ok, dunno about tuesday since ppl are afk, will be back on comps on monday evening
even though we have no date yet, i'll start with the mapelimination thingie

- lennon and coire

Harri for us
gg awesome match
no gg ^^
seems like my aequitas crashed or something during match, log says 27.4.2010 20:57:43 - ERROR: Code 32862682
#20 you can upload an error screenshot to avoid penalty points
gg wp :)
fan it didnt show any error screen or anything, when i quit the game the program wasnt running anymore : /
impressive comeback on harri, wp finland.
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