United Kingdom vs. France
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 United Kingdom
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MatchID 17882731
Date Wednesday, 07/04/10 15:00
Calculated 07/04/10 17:59
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dod_harrington 2 : 1
dod_anzio 0 : 0
United Kingdom wins !






United Kingdom






06/04/10 14:57
London Calling
Finally we come to the WB final with the two nations almost everyone expected. France and UK have been very dominant in Europe for 1 year now so it's not a surprise to see both of us in this match.
Both UK and France have shown some very good things on anzio and harrington so far in this nationscup so it should be very tight on each map and it should be a very nice match to watch.
gl hf to everyone etc.
United Kingdom
05/04/10 18:17
UK v France
This is a big game for both sides and a repeat of last years grand final. I think this game will be very competitive and everyone will be wanting to win. Their map is harrington and i think it benefits them slightly (french map ;D) but they shouldn't underestimate us as we already pulled off an upset against a very strong Sweden side. We have a tight knit bunch of players in the UK team and we have all played with each other in one team or another so i think anzio well benefit us. We expect a very competitive game in all aspects and we are looking to cause yet another upset.
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comments (19)
dis gonna be good.
Sunday 8gmt?
hum if it's possible I'd like to reschedule this match to wednesday (as soon as I'm fixed with players), I'll update this page asap.
Bank Holiday Sundays are made for drinking!
wednesday 21cet mmmmkay ?
just need to confirm with some members.

connect; password ffwar
connect; password ukwar
connect; password ffwar
connect; password ffwar
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Start the vetos too plz, or lets do this on steam (contact akiro if you prefer doing it on steam).
I am on irc and have been all day.
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(23:08:59) (First|LUK3^) dod_anzio * dod_argentan dod_catania_rc2 dod_coire_rc3
(23:08:59) (First|LUK3^) dod_harrington dod_lennon dod_salerno
(23:09:03) (First|LUK3^) these are the maps
(23:09:07) (First|LUK3^) 1, 2, 1
(23:09:11) (rockit`Vnrgnd) yep
(23:09:11) (First|LUK3^) or 1, 1, 1, 1?
(23:09:14) (rockit`Vnrgnd) 1-2-1
(23:09:21) (First|LUK3^) you first or me?
(23:09:24) (rockit`Vnrgnd) you
(23:09:31) (First|LUK3^) -coire
(23:09:49) (rockit`Vnrgnd) -catania -argentan
(23:10:03) (First|LUK3^) -lennon
(23:10:36) (First|LUK3^) your chosen map?
(23:10:39) (rockit`Vnrgnd) we pick harri
(23:10:43) (First|LUK3^) we choose anzio
(23:10:48) (rockit`Vnrgnd) oki
(23:10:49) (First|LUK3^) decider salerno
(23:10:51) (First|LUK3^) glhf mate
(23:10:51) (rockit`Vnrgnd) yep
(23:10:56) (rockit`Vnrgnd) gl hf

UK map: anzio
FR map: harrington
Decider: salerno
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connect;password rockit
connect;password pcw
connect;password cya
connect;password drupcw
connect;password pcwz

live stream at : http://www.hiscoretv.com
really good game
gg guys, was fun.
gg, mad game.
gg Uk. upload the sourcetv please. GL for the Final.
uploaded requested demos

(i played bad, please don't mock ;()
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