Team Denmark vs. Team Russia DoD:S
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 Team Denmark
 Team Russia DoD:S
Status: closed
MatchID 17882728
Date Sunday, 11/04/10 14:30
Calculated 11/04/10 15:55
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dod_coire_rc3 1 : 0
dod_anzio 1 : 0
Team Denmark wins !
Team Denmark






Team Russia DoD:S





Team Russia DoD:S
11/04/10 13:10
So today we play against Denmark. Last year they beat Russia and send in a loser bracket with the minimum score.
This year the line-up was another and we hope that we can beat Danes and pass on a match with Finland.
The match promises to be interesting. Hf guys!
Team Denmark
11/04/10 12:27
vs Russia
Looking forward to play these guys. We have had some hard problems with getting players to prac and also for this game. So we kinda hope for the best. We have not pracced in weeks, but we are still looking forward to this game which we think will be very tight.

HF Russia
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comments (26)
hi ;D
Hey :)

U wanna play on sunday? :)
hey Sadism :)
sunday it's bad day for russian connect ;)
think our captain will choose Thursday.

so wait Solo.
Hello. Ye.. we prefer to play in week. No weekends.
Well we can't play this thursday, any other suggestions ?
we remove dod_catania
we eliminate dod_argentan and dod_salerno
On behalf of sadism: We remove Lennon
Can we play on Wednesday 21CET?
Today we may dont have 6 players? :x
Wednesday could be alright for us - Im trying to contact our players as we speak! I'll get back to you

Until then, which map do you choose?
Any news regarding Sunday Solo ?

And please choose your map :)
Ye. Sunday is ok for 20.30 CET.

Our map is coire_rc3. Pick ur then =)
Great :)

We pick Anzio

Harrington will be decidermap

Server suggestions will come later
We offer our server which is in Germany.

I have sent the IP&PW via PM to Azapp and Sadism.

Also we have 256 slots SourceTV for this server.
Roger that, Server is fine - see you Sunday Ruskies ;)
gl hf =)

I hope my Internet will work in a regular mode, instead of as now 15 kbit per second =(
1 edits
I hope I will have my PC xD
Play through ur mobile phone via GPRS xD
1 edits - 128 slots - 128 slots

thx 4 game :)
gg guys
gl in next match!
Stv have uploaded
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