Team Poland.dods vs. Team Russia DoD:S
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 11.  9.

 Team Poland.dods
 Team Russia DoD:S
Status: closed
MatchID 21536388
Date Wednesday, 02 March 20:00
Calculated Monday, 14 March 01:06
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Result Media
dod_lennon 0 : 5
dod_diversion_b4 0 : 5
Team Russia DoD:S wins ! (Default Win)
Points 0 : +3

Team Poland.dods

Team Russia DoD:S

Team Russia DoD:S
14/03/11 04:51
cxz, clanleader of Poland put a defwin for result =(

Team Poland.dods
09/03/11 02:13
Polska vs. Rosja
It's VODKA vs VODKA Fight :)
But i hope there 'll be no drunk person and match will be play'd normal ;D
I'am expecting from Russia a hard defence, like i've heard they play seriusly great so it wont be easy for Polaks, when they play not that good at this season :(

I dont really know what to expect on both maps

Hope also there 'll be no technical problems on this year like last year alone had against Russia :)

I expect some clear and good match, hope suspect will do some creazy helpfully tactic for Poland :)

Good LUCK and Have FUN!!
Team Russia DoD:S
10/03/11 12:18
Polska vs Ruska |^)
Hey boys and girls !:)

Today is a very important and also difficult for us to match. Play two not very good for us maps. Will battle for the 6 points and we do see today a amazing game !

Good Luck and Have Fan ALL !!1!
Team Russia DoD:S
10/03/11 13:06

Source TV for 133 slots.
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