Team Denmark vs. Georgia
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 Team Denmark
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MatchID 17489020
Date Wednesday, 24/02/10 13:00
Calculated 24/02/10 15:27
map dod_harrington
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23 : 0
Team Denmark wins !
Points +3 : 0
24/02/10 13:57
Round 1*
151 kB, 24/02/10 13:57, by Holbek (Denmark)
24/02/10 13:57
Round 2*
149 kB, 24/02/10 13:57, by Holbek (Denmark)
24/02/10 13:57
224 kB, 24/02/10 13:57, by Holbek (Denmark)
24/02/10 13:55
Aequitas - - Azapp*
1.6 MB, 24/02/10 13:55, by Azapp (Denmark)
24/02/10 13:56
Aequitas - - BaRs*
4.8 MB, 24/02/10 13:56, by 4516072 (.ge)
24/02/10 13:55
Aequitas - - Blizzard*
3.9 MB, 24/02/10 13:55, by 4503696 (.ge)
24/02/10 13:55
Aequitas - - DeZ*
2.5 MB, 24/02/10 13:55, by DeZ (Denmark)
24/02/10 13:57
Aequitas - - PowerOnion*
2.7 MB, 24/02/10 13:57, by 4505065 (.ge)
24/02/10 14:00
Aequitas - BeLike` - NEMO*
2.7 MB, 24/02/10 14:00, by NEMO (.ge)
24/02/10 13:56
Aequitas - Holbek*
2.3 MB, 24/02/10 13:56, by Holbek (Denmark)
24/02/10 13:55
Aequitas - steinr*
3.1 MB, 24/02/10 13:55, by 821310 (Denmark)
24/02/10 13:56
Equality - - Click*
5.6 MB, 24/02/10 13:56, by 4511599 (.ge)
24/02/10 13:56
Round 1*
3.0 MB, 24/02/10 13:56, by AzZa (Denmark)
24/02/10 13:56
1.4 MB, 24/02/10 13:56, by 2604742 (Denmark)
* No longer available


Team Denmark

23/02/10 14:31
Denmark vs Georgia
As we know Denmark started this season with the huge victory over Canada. They need some more points with us and i'm sure, the only aim for them is win with a lot of full caps.
on the other hand, we lost with Belgium and now we need to keep our hope.
Denmark is a strong team as I guess, although I have some problems with line up.
Anyway I will try to do my best and not play like in previous match.
Team Denmark
24/02/10 13:05
Denmark vs. Georgia
So!! Our 2nd match is starting tonight vs Georgia.
We won against Canada in our 1st match and we are hoping to beat Georgia as well.

We dont really know what to expect about this match. But we have seen a little to the scene of Georgia and talked to some other players to know a little about the team.

Anyway, we will play with our "main" lineup again, just like when we played against Canada.

We hope for a very good and friendly game.

LU: sadism,dez,steinr,holbek,azapp,azza

HF Georgia!
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comments (16)
hey guys what about 18:00 cet ?
your time is Gmt+4 right? and we have Gmt+1.

We can play at 19 our time. 18.00 our time is way to early for us. Some of us are at work at that time.
so 19:00 as i understand, anyway you can add me on steam: bars91. and we can assent time there. hey there
Denmark - sadism: hey
Denmark - sadism: and yes
Denmark - sadism: :) and yes ?
Denmark - sadism: i am here nice to meet ya :P :D
Denmark - sadism: u2 ;) so what about our game ?
Denmark - sadism: u wanna ply @ 19 our time?
Denmark - sadism: *play would better 18-00 cet , but....
Denmark - sadism: i know. but we are at work :( 19-00 its also ok
Denmark - sadism: great. i am gonna be on my comp. exactly at 19.00. thats when i am home from work
Denmark - sadism: what about server? mda, server is problem and sourc etv also
Denmark - sadism: okay i will try to get sth
Denmark - sadism: well
Denmark - sadism: we borrowed casca's server and srcTV last time. and I think we can borrow it again would be great so we must play tomorrow yes ?
Denmark - sadism: yeah i just need to talk with inet cafe administration about time
Denmark - sadism: yeah
Denmark - sadism: well, lets just meet tomorrow @ 18.55 on steam? and then i can give u the ip to the server. and if it sux for u. we can try and find a new one
Denmark - sadism: is that okay? okay roger that, but.... as esl rules said we must inform community about source tv 24 hours before match and line up
Denmark - sadism: oooh
Denmark - sadism: ehm so lets talk today night about source tv and server

So we are playing at 19.00.
Srctv will be posted later today.
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Working on srctv + srv, will post here when I get it! (If I get it......)
connect; password
sourcetv:; password cascatv
yes 19:00 cet. I think we will get some more information tomorrow.
Looking forward to the match, gl Georgia ;)
it's very interesting to play against Denmark. gl guys. see on server ;)
Just in case.. If you haven't seen it already, I pm'ed all the details to you BaRs :)
yes I saw it. everything is ok, i juset woke up and in 1 hour match, so gl to both of us. :)
gg guys
GG... can u upload SourcTV of this match ? i need it...
THX for game. gl in future
GG guys :)
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